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Smashing Interns Giving Back

August 24, 2014
Tina, Nicole & Jackie with GiGi's Hugs + Mugs participants and silver medalist Matt.

Smashing Golf & Tennis has the best interns! In addition to being such great contributors to Smashing this summer, they do their bit to volunteer their time at the recent GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Centers Golf Outing.

Smashing interns Nicole Feierberg (Lehigh University) plus her friends Jacki Berardi (Dayton University) and Tina Berardi (Denison University) took on all challengers at this charity golf event in several “Beat the Pro” competitions, while raising money for GiGi’s.

The day began with a putting contest with GiGi’s Special Olympic Silver Medalist, Matt! Matt successfully out-putted most of his competition — and had a blast doing so!

Smashing Golf & Tennis loves giving back and so proud of our interns.

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Have a Smashing Week!

Kicking It with Kickstarter (Your EXTRA Reward)

August 21, 2014

We are very excited as we launched our Kickstarter campaign this week.  We are looking to raise money ($20,000 to be exact) to develop new products, create jobs here in Chicago and to help manage our growth.

But we really need to thank all of our fans, friends and family for being a Smashing support system.  Whether you were modeling, making the first Smashing purchase or just listening to all of our crazy stories, you have made this a ride we want to continue.

10441383_10152119839001402_3769942103458289052_nNew to Smashing?

If this is your first time reading about Smashing, welcome!  Smashing was developed after a few pomegranate martinis when we decided that golf & tennis wear was very unflattering.  We joked, “When is Spanx going to make some tennis wear?”  But being the impatient people that we are, we decided we were going to do it ourselves and so launched a worldwide, multibillion dollar empire (ok, not quite yet, but that’s what Kickstarter is for).

PicsArtBut the magic with Smashing is that it not only makes you look better, but the patent pending inner layer also helps your performance by keeping key muscles warm and engaged.

We have been fortunate enough to have many pros wear our line on course including Big Break Winer Jackie Stoelting, Katie Dillard (Mundy), Sara “No H” Brown, Mallory Blackwelder, Ashley Grier and Alexandra Casi.

Smashing Fans Extra Reward

Now the hard sell, seems that Kickstarter will promote you after you have a certain number of backers (not $$, just backers), so if you are able to donate $10 or more, Managing Partner Jayne Drew, will do an ice bucket challenge in your honor.  This offer is good only until Labor Day — so let’s see how soaked we can make her (we may need to design some scuba wear).

Thanks again Smashing fans!  We love you all.10352788_10152080245296402_2415806812871435714_n

Here is the link again to view and donate to our Kickstarter campaign

My Smashing Interview with Katie Mundy

June 19, 2014
photo 2

Q: When did you start playing golf? And what sparked your love of the game?

KM: I started playing around the age of 8. My cousin and I are a week apart in age and he started taking lessons which sparked my interest. My aunt and uncle gave me a club to practice with and then I started going to lessons with my cousin and about 5 other friends that I grew up (one of which was my best girl friend and we ended up playing and competing against each other until the age of 18 which was great fun). My dad eventually got me my first membership at Dunwood Manor GC around the age of 11. My parents used to take me to see the men’s European Tour at Wentworth and the Women’s British Open when it was at Sunningdale. I think seeing the professionals playing is what really made me start to love the game.

Q: What is your favorite golf memory?

KM: I have lots of great golf memories especially from playing team golf, but the best was probably winning my first major, the English Mid-amateur Championship, with my dad caddying for me in 2009.

Q: What do you look for in golf clothing?

KM: The main things i look for in golf clothing are:





Smashing has everything I look for in golf clothing. It is hard to find stylish golf clothing that has pockets and Smashing has done a great job at incorporating these into their designs. A lot of women’s golf clothing is very boxy looking; Smashing shapes and slims which is great.

Q: Which Smashing Golf and Tennis apparel item do you like the best and why?

KM: I am in love with my Diana Ruffle Skort. It is so comfortable and different from a lot of other golf skorts out there, and best of all it is slimming. My favourite Smashing top is the collared Michelle. The fact that it is almost a razorback (but not quite) gives it an edge over a lot of collared golf shirts. Best of all the solid colours can be paired with almost anything in my wardrobe which is great.

Q: What is your favorite club? Why?

KM: I like all my clubs but my 7 iron and I spend a lot of time together! I tend to practice a lot with my 7 iron especially when working on my swing. I think it is just a habit that has stuck from my coach telling me as a kid to hit my mid-iron. Over the last few years I have actually had 2 7iron heads fly off down the driving range and been left standing with just the shaft.

Q: What is the best advice for all the women golfers of every skill level?

KM: The best advice I can give to any golfer is to spend as much time as you can on the putting green. Putting is where a score can be made and matches can be won. Other than that have fun! Golf is a game for life and a great way to meet new people.


A big thanks to Katie Mundy!


St Jude Classic Golf winner and Donation

June 12, 2014
838St Jude Classic Golf

Congratulations to Ben Crane on his victory at the St Jude Classic this past week! An incredible end result of 10 under was just enough to edge out Troy Merrit by one stroke! Good Luck to Ben as well as the rest of the field in this week US Open! Can’t wait to see the upcoming results!

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital is incredible. Since opening more than 50 years ago, they’ve helped increase the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to 80 percent. St Jude not only makes medical breakthroughs in their own hospital, they share their knowledge in order to help young cancer patients worldwide. Even more incredibly, families never receive a bill from St Jude for treatment, travel, housing, and food. It is truly an incredible and touching cause and Smashing Golf and Tennis is thrilled to support them.

Today and Tomorrow, 12th Smashing will donate 20% of all merchandise sold at the Adult Clinic for the St Jude Tennis Classic  to St Jude in Peoria, IL.

Blog by Smashing intern Nicole Feierberg – Thanks!

Smashing Blacks Diana Ruffle Ad web

Nicole’s Golfing Video Experience

June 5, 2014
Nicole Eliot sandtrap

Intern Nicole had the opportunity to pose for some Smashing video we’re shooting last week by Eliot Raymond Photography.  This is her story:

Last week I had such a great opportunity to be a model for a day. I have always wondered what it would be like to do a photo shoot and I was very fortunate to try it out last Tuesday for Smashing Golf and Tennis.

Being a female college golfer is something I am extremely proud. I have worked for countless hours on my swing and my short game, but for the first time in my life I had someone taking a video of my swing, not for me to analyze, but instead for the world to see!

It was a really perfect day out at Biltmore Country Club, the temperature was perfect and I was extremely pleased to be able to be outside swinging and hitting golf balls.

The first thing I realized as we started filming was how different it is to be hitting a tee shot with someone with a large video camera is circling around me. What if I hit the worst shank of my life and hit him? It really was something different.

Our photographer Eliot was extremely nice and easy to work with. It was definitely helpful having Kelly on the sidelines telling us jokes and making our laughs genuine and not as uncomfortable in front of the camera. I also must admit that I got a lot of practice done and it was pretty well-rounded! I hit a bunch of tee shots, some approaches, practiced a few sand shots and putted from many different lengths. The pressure to make a putt really is a lot stronger when you have a camera filming!

It was a great experience being a model for a day and I cant wait to see the final photo results! Hope the photos look just as Smashing as the clothes.

Thanks Nicole and Eliot – I’m sure the video is going to be Smashing.  Don’t forget to use code NICOLE25 to receive 25% off your online order at

Smashing Blacks Diana Ruffle Ad web

Welcome to the Smashing Team Katherine

June 2, 2014

Smashing Golf & Tennis welcomes a new Marketing & Social Media Intern Katherine this week.  Katherine will be working on marketing and our Kickstarter project, so stay tuned.

As part of her initiation, she’s required to tell our fans 7 interesting facts about herself

• I recently caught the “travel bug” and have been to New York City, Paris, Edinburgh, Brussels, and London in the past year.
• On a recent trip to Scotland, I went on a boat ride in Loch Ness in search of the Loch Ness monster. Needless to say, there were no Nessie sightings.
• I have played piano for 13 years. My biggest accomplishment was playing the piano for my 6th grade teacher’s wedding.
• I have a huge collection of sock monkeys. It all started with me buying one on vacation as a joke and it grew from there. For whatever reason, my friends and family associate me with sock monkeys now and I keep accumulating new ones.
• I am most definitely a cat person and I always joke that I’ll become a crazy cat lady one day. Unfortunately, my own cat, Lily, isn’t too fond of me.
• My favorite food would have to be cheese fries from Portillo’s. I definitely miss having them when I’m away at school.
• I am going into my senior year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I have loved every second of being there and I can’t believe I’m coming up on my last year.

Katherine’s Friends & Family (and readers of this blog post) can add promo code KATHERINE25  in your shopping cart to receive an extra 25% off your Smashing order online.

Welcome to the Smashing team.

Nicole’s First Smashing Fashion Show

May 21, 2014
The Fortnightly Club

This past Saturday, in beautiful old Chicago building off of Lake Shore drive Smashing Golf and Tennis had the chance to walk down the runway.  The event was held at The Fort Nightly Club* – a beautiful and historic venue.

A unique aspect of the fashion show was that everything walking down the runway was Made in Chicago.

All of the fabric and designers are local and their work ranged in every different type of apparel. Smashing Golf and Tennis covered the athletic apparel while there was also a range of tailored suits, floor length gowns, fun spring tops, and unique transforming scarves. Designers modeled their own clothes and had a blast on the catwalk.

Guests enjoyed a fun fashion show followed by the opportunity to shop for the looks they had just seen with 10% of their purchase going to Big Brothers / Big Sisters.  So many people were impressed with the looks they had seen and there was a rush to buy and it was a great success.

This fashion show was a fun way to donate to charity as well as support great local Chicago designer. It was a very fun event that Smashing Golf and Tennis is proud to be a part of and support!

Don’t Forget that everyone is invited to the Made in Chicago Spring Fling Cocktail Party this Friday from 5-8.  Come celebrate Spring with and see the new collections from 11 Chicago designers including Smashing Golf & Tennis at 17 E Pearson St.  (Click HERE for more event details.)

 Have a Smashing Day!

*The Fortnightly of Chicago, the city’s oldest women’s organization, was founded in 1873 during the frenzy of rebuilding and renewal that swept the ravaged city after the Chicago Fire of 1871. Embodying the nineteenth century passion for self-improvement, founder Kate Newell Doggett gathered a group of like-minded friends to meet regularly and to research and present intellectually stimulating papers for each other’s edification.


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