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3 Suburban Ladies go to Bad Neighborhood — News at 11

January 25, 2010

You need street smarts in life.  Luckily we all possess it as that is probably why we made it out alive.

It all started with a meeting.  When I made the apt they were very clear to NOT park out front, but rather, to drive as quickly as possible to the back lot, “it is safe there.”  Most people would have been deterred.  But I went to school in a city, I’m sure it is not that bad.  The problem was we dressed like we were going to a meeting at some swanky office downtown.  There the “clickety clack” of our heels would have been a normal, welcoming sound, here it was like a dinner bell.  I felt like an impatient child ringing the service entrance door about 3 times and knocking at the same time.   Our eyes were darting around the corners to make sure no one was getting too close, while at the same time, not making eye contact with the many drug deals that were going on at the end of the block.

In the end, the meeting went exceptionally well and I’m sure we will be making many more trips to the same building.  Only next time we will be wearing sweats and sneakers.

Smashing© and©, 2010.

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  1. January 26, 2010 7:51 am

    I think leave the mom car at home and switch to a rusty car wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

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