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Nike to Launch Lingerie?

February 8, 2010

Well the line does fit the tagline…..don’t get me wrong, I love fashion.  And I love when designers push the envelope.  But it looked like Nike went for fashion over function.  I mean it was like they were launching a lingerie line.

I’m referring to the season opening Grand Slam (Australian Open).  It is here that brands were showcasing their spring lines.

Nike — Just Flopped It.  Here are a few examples:

Sharapova.  Did she forget to set the alarm, because it looked like she was playing in her nightie.   No wonder she lost so early, she never woke up.  I will be in the minority as I say I liked the “seaweed” colored dress, but the sleeveless robe over it?  Too much going on.  Sharapova is spending too much time being a fashion diva and not enough time being a ranked tennis player.

Venus.  There was a full moon that night.  She wanted to design a dress that pushed the envelope.  She wanted something sexier that gave the illusion she wasn’t wearing anything under.  Why?  Was this the Playboy Open and I was on the wrong channel?  I couldn’t watch the match, there was just too many anxiety ridden moments when she would reach down — “no please — I’ll get it for you!!!”

Serena — what was up with the boots?  just get off the spaceship?  do u know u look like an idiot?

so disappointed in Nike.  They usually give us some great trends, this time just indigestion.  I think they forgot that these dresses (and boots?!?!) were going to be worn on the court, not just at the press conferences.

BTW, I wonder if they use “poo free polyester?”  (check previous blogs to understand)

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