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International Talent Pool

February 17, 2010

One of the great things about playing tennis is the social aspect of it. You get to meet a ton of people who share a very fun thing in common with you. As time goes on, you get to know these ladies and their skills. Someone may mention a person’s name and you struggle to place them until they say, “you know, she’s the one with the killer serve”. You subconsciously start to identify each person with their particular strength or skill on the court; volleying, serving, down the line shot, backhand, etc.

After a year of playing with each other, I only then learned what some of my tennis friends had done in their past professional life:  law, accounting, marketing, finance, IT, merchandising, physical training, recruiting, real estate, photography, and even a talent agent of celebrity status.

In addition to that, we have a very global team with players from Turkey, Greece, India, South America, and China to name a few. As a former executive recruiter, I can not only appreciate these ladies for their skills on the court, but also appreciate their other talents.  If we combined everyone together, including the talents of our very own Super Spy, we could take over the world!

Smashing© and©, 2010.

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