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Are Jimmy Choos in the Budget?

February 22, 2010

We knew we were in trouble when the pattern-maker was in couture and          wearing Jimmy Choos.  We were wearing jeans

We have made no secret about the fact that we are new to the fashion design world.  And in every meeting thus far with factory owners, fabric reps, etc we have always been dressed to the nines — and they have been dressed. . . in well. . .sweats.  So this time around we figured we would “dress the code” instead of looking out of place.  Enter, Murphy’s Law.

Fashion is Power

You may not notice it, but how you dress says a lot about you.  It is hard to “control” a meeting when the interviewee looks like the teacher and you the student.  That is probably why we spent the good part of an afternoon listing to the pattern maker show us her Gerber system and how it works (really, we only cared that she had one), her design closet and listening to her KGB stories.  All fascinating, none worth the $100 hour price tag.  I blame it on the jeans.

So I guess the jeans will be kept in my closet for weekend wear.  I’ll be dressed to kill in dresses and skirts from now on.    Oh, and if Buzzkill will give me an expense account, some Jimmy Choos as well.

Smashing© and©, 2010.

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