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March 3, 2010

Designing a dress is kind of like planning a wedding. You never really appreciated a wedding until you actually had to plan your own and you find out everything is in the details. This is true for designing clothing.

Case in point, the details of choosing a zipper. Sounds easy enough, but until I actually started paying attention to all of the zippers in my closet, I realized that there were a thousand details involved in this task. Last week, as I was zipping my two-year old in her jacket and I accidentally zipped her chest skin! Note to self, include cloth shield under zipper to prevent this happening to our wonderful customers.  My son has a very expensive winter coat that was justified because it does provide unparalleled warmth, however, two weeks ago the zipper at the bottom broke. Note to self, no plastic zippers.

Just as a bride goes to a bridal salon to try on gowns, she is disgusted that for some reason the bridal industry has decided to size all of their gown as small as possible. A bride who normally is a size 8 now has to try on a 14. This is a very serious and cruel thing to do to a woman who is already an emotional and stressed out gal. Last week, the three of us  unexpectedly found ourselves being measured by a pattern maker with her measuring tape. This transformed us immediately from business women to that girl in a dressing room with potato chip bag clips holding  the wedding dress together feeling.

Lastly, getting those quotes from all of the vendors can be tedious. We are in the midst of this and I think I forgot my decoder from the Cracker Jack box to decifer them. Why can’t these be straight forward and clear? It’s like they are trying to cleverly word everything so that they can be sure to hide those “secret costs” that plague any wedding.

The next wedding that you go to after planning your own, it’s funny how you suddenly notice all of the details and appreciate all of the effort and thought that went into it. This is certainly the case every time I walk into my closet!

Smashing© and©, 2010.

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  1. March 3, 2010 7:18 am

    …and why do designers size swimsuits up too?….isn’t trying on a swimsuit scary enough?

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