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Help Wanted

March 10, 2010

Help Wanted…..Must be intelligent, hard-working, fun to be around, and willing to do it all for free – but we’ll give you a fancy title!

Smashing has “hired” its first employee!  OK, he’s really my 7th grade son, but I allowed him to select his own title – he came up with “Head of Shipping & Handling”.  I think he will only be stuffing envelops & licking stamps this summer, but it’s all in the way you title it. Times have changed, now a 7th grader needs to think about his resume!

I remember a few times when I had the opportunity to come up with my own job titles in the corporate world – it was all about how it would look on your business card and resume.  I think the best title I was able to create myself was “Head of Business Planning & Strategy” – I had a lot of responsibility, was able to travel the world and the best part was, no one really knew what I did but me – and I liked it that way!    Do you think I could sell Ace & Spinner on a job like that?  Stay tuned…….

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