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Curve Ball

March 11, 2010

In business, you expect that there will be a few curve balls. Last week, I was the curve ball to our business.

I am now expecting my third child and hadn’t informed my partners of the news yet. Like most expectant mothers, you generally like to wait until the first trimester is over before you start sharing your pregnancy. Well, a few things had come up with planning that I knew I needed to let my partners in on my little secret.

First, when we had our meeting with the pattern maker and she took all of our measurements. We had previously decided that the sample dress we made should be a medium and we wanted the medium to fit a person similar to my measurements.  As we are discussing the next steps and scheduling our next fitting, Buzzkill says, “Now, don’t gain or lose a pound until then”. Uh-Oh.

Next, an email goes out asking if we want to do a Walk-a-thon for charity in August. I try to be brief and send a reply stating that I may not be up for it. I am thinking I just want to get this next doctor’s appointment out of the way before I tell them what is going on.

I later find out that Buzzkill and Spinner frantically speculate what the heck I am talking about. Of course, they both come to the conclusion that I am pregnant. A few days go by and I finally confirm their suspicions.

We still have to come up with a solution to our sample dress situation. The ladies at tennis are probably very curious why the three of us are constantly sizing up everyone. Don’t be alarm, we are just looking for a new sample model. However, through all of this we may have unveiled two new needs in the market place; maternity and tall tennis apparel. Don’t be surprised if you see those in future Smashing lines!

Smashing© and©, 2010.

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