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Don’t read this or Buzzkill gets it….

March 16, 2010

Great.  You couldn’t follow directions.  Now I have to get rid of Buzzkill.  And to think this all could have been avoided if she would just give me a MARKETING BUDGET!!!!!!

Why did you click through to this blog?

It was the headline; you couldn’t resist (or maybe you just have it out for Buzzkill).

Our most viewed blogs had the titles , “Poo Free Polyester,” “Swimming in a Pool with Keanu Reeves,” “Sexy Spanish Star,” “Working Naked Day, ”  and “smashing’s obituary.”  Do you see a theme?  Yes, our readers are obviously obsessed with sex, death and poop.  Even as a world class marketer, I’m at a loss of how to connect these thoughts.

Getting Attention

I am currently working on the copy for an upcoming contest/promotion.  Most contest headlines will lead with the prizes that are being offered (“Win a Cruise for 2”, “Enter to Win $1M”).  Our prize is a little smaller — Enter to Win Absolutely Nothing!!!

That’s the job of the marketer (or Spinner as I am now called)– making something out of nothing.

Now don’t get me wrong.  This is an awesome contest.  It is going to make you laugh (and maybe cry at times),  you are going to find yourself talking about it all day (to the point that your tennis coach is going to ask you to leave the court) and you’ll be helping out some good friends which will be getting you to heaven faster.

Wait — I found my headline — Enter to Win Free Pass to Heaven!

Smashing© and©, 2010.

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