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Do I need Rehab?

April 1, 2010

It seems lately that everyone is heading to rehab for excessive lifestyles. Too much sex, too many drugs, too much alcohol, etc. Although I cannot claim that I have any of these problems, I do seem to be overdosing on something else lately.

Social Media Networking is my drug of choice. Actually, I am not even choosing it, rather it seems to be choosing me. I have three personal email accounts, two professional email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, a blog, LinkedIn and probably a couple more that I can’t recall.  Not to mention countless newsletters that are emailed to me from Babycenter to DailyOhm to the school district.

If it were up to me, I would be so happy with one email account. I am aware of how great these tools are to network and stay in touch with people you otherwise probably wouldn’t communicate with, but some days it just feels like they are just something else on my “to do” list.  I somehow feel like I failed when I don’t have the time to comment on a sorority sister’s photo of her dog Pebbles or Tweet that I just clipped my kid’s toe nails.

Do I need rehab? I feel that I need some tools or techniques taught to me so I can manage a more healthy relationship with this online overload that I feel. I see one of two outcomes here: I either throw my computer out the window and start sending messages by carrier pigeon or completely emerge myself and tell my kids they are on their own. Oh! Just remembered an old episode of Desperate Housewives when the mom that seemed to do it all did it by taking their kid’s ADD medication and never slept…. So that is how they do it!

Smashing© and©, 2010.

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  1. Lori Price permalink
    April 1, 2010 9:45 am

    this is SO true … sadly my friends and I tried to create our own Facebook-aholics group, but found that because we created it as a facebook group we were defeating our purpose…… and we are all enablers…. once you are on the Merry-Go-Round of all this instantly gratifying social networking you can’t get off the ride – because that’s when you feel the nausea (of withdrawl ) !

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