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The Easter Bunny is an ageist

April 5, 2010

So after a weekend filled of Easter egg hunts for the kids, I begin to realize why are all egg hunts only for the kids?  Don’t adults like to celebrate Easter?  I mean even the overwhelmed Santa (who has to make special gifts for each letter) manages to load his sleigh with some gifts for adults — all the Easter bunny has to do is fill a few eggs.  That’s when I realized, the Easter bunny is an ageist.

There are plenty of things that the Easter bunny could fit in those eggs.  We love money (maybe the bunny could find something a little bigger than loose change), jewelry would fit nicely, and those airline sized alcohol bottles would be a hit.

I would love to see the family egg hunts. My sister-in-law would elbow her husband out of the way, because “mommy needs her vodka!”  Grandma would dive into the mosh pit looking for the emerald ring.  And the kids would be on the sideline cheering “come on dad, the $100 is over there, don’t let Uncle Sam get it!!!  Sweep the leg! Sweep the leg!”

I know you are all waiting to see how I tie this back to smashing — well, its not going to happen.  I’m just picking on that bunny, since the only thing he left me this year was a bunch of torn wrappers and Easter grass that I’m sure I’ll still be picking up come Christmas .  Next year I’ll be waiting for our eggs.  Maybe he can deliver our fabric on time! (now that’s a blog for another day)

ps– You really don’t need any experience to write a blog.  I mean, look at this hopeless drivel I just wrote.  So enter smashing’s sweepstakes and be a guest blogger for a day. (just comment on either the blog or FB to enter)

pps — I’m copywriting this because there is a lot of “hopeless drivel” on tv and Buzzkill thinks we are making a sitcom out of this

ppps– if you are only reading the ps’s, you really should read this blog.  I mean, this affects each and every one of you.  When is the Obama administration going to address this issue?!?!

Smashing© and©, 2010.

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