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Filling out my application at Trader Joe’s

April 20, 2010

i’ve been meeting a fair amount of entrepreneurs lately that work in various industries.  They all talk impassionedly about their businesses and have big dreams — and they all seem to moonlight at Trader Joe’s.

So since we have expanded our line well past a trunk show — think warehouse show — we are going to need more $$ — and it seems that I might as well join my peers at Trader Joe’s.

We started small and then we blew right past medium onto extra large.  We have added about 3 skus and 3 colors in the last meeting — oh a pattern or two too.  Very exciting, until we get the bill.

No one seems to be concerned about how we are funding this.  Even Buzzkill with a few martinis in her was unconcerned.

So let it be noted that the Marketing Department has taken the lead in securing additional funds — or at least some really good mangos.

(Although I heard there is a math section on the application — no calculator — can I bring my second grader along?!?)

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  1. May 1, 2010 6:18 am

    wow fun story man.

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