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A Picture is Worth 4,303 Views

April 22, 2010

Lately, we have been a bit discouraged with our low hit numbers on this blog. Let’s just say if we hit views in the double digits we were happy. So when we had more than 4,300 views todays with dozens of comments, we were flabbergasted. If you look at our statistics chart today, it literally looked like a right angle. I almost sprained my next in a perplexed twist following the spike in views.

The ironic part of this is that we were starting to question ourselves and one of us even suggested that instead of blogging everyday, maybe we should do a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. This morning when it was my turn to blog, I was at a loss of what to write. I have to admit the thought even crossed my mind, “What’s the point? Two people are going to read it”.

So, this morning, I decided to take the easy route and post a bunch of photos of some of the worse tennis fashion mistakes I could find. Not sure how we were selected by WordPress, but thankfully, they posted our blog on their homepage. This was just the kind of boost we needed not only for our numbers, but for our blogging morale. So, thanks WordPress. We sure do appreciate it!

PS You are going to keep hearing from us whether you like it or not:)

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