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The Best Day Ever

April 26, 2010

Today our blog is being written by  our Guest Blogger– enjoy  —

Most people who have kids have heard the Spongebob Squarepants song, “The Best Day Ever.”  If you haven’t — Google it.  This really annoying song, prevented me from getting committed to a psychiatric institution last week.  Here’s how it all went down…

Earlier that day I discovered that my five-year old daughter had lice. Very tiny bugs and about a million eggs were in her VERY LONG THICK hair.  I wanted to die, but as I started shampooing her hair, she started to sing, “It’s the best day ever.”  My heart just sank.  This poor kid has tons of little bugs crawling in her hair and she is happy?!?!  Then came the 3 long hours of combing hair, washing 4 beds, clothes, jackets, towels, and about everything in my house.  I wanted to give up, but still my daughter sang that stupid song and it was driving me crazy!!  The “Best Day Ever?”  Really?

At 3:15 my oldest son came home from school, played outside, and then peed in his pants.  I thought, “Come on dude.  You’re seven! Really?” (you thought I was going to say head lice right?)  Well, BINGO — he has head lice too!  And upon further inspection of my baby boy (2 yrs old) — HE HAD IT TOO!!   UGHHHHH!!!!

So I had to start the entire process all over again. Times two.  The shampooing, the combing, etc.  I thought this nightmare would never end, but there was my daughter still singing and even got her baby brother to join in.  But my 7 yr old, was having no part of it.

Here’s a little background on my 7 yr old.  When he was born, I was the only white woman married to a white man, who had a white baby with an Afro.  His hair is so thick and curly that if we grew it out it would put “Screech” from Saved by the Bell to shame.  To top it off, this boy is my little FREAK.  He’s totally afraid of his own shadow and VERY dramatic.  Now before you start dialing DCFS, I love him to death and wouldn’t trade him for the world, but at this moment he was screaming, “I HATE YOU. I WANT A NEW MOM. STOP YOU ARE KILLING ME!”  My dark side reared it’s ugly head (no pun intended) as I thought — “hmmm, payback?”  Then I realized, this really is THE BEST DAY EVER!!  And I started singing it too.

I’m not saying all this was fun, but I’m a stay at home mom with 3 kids who is over-worked, under-paid and under-appreciated like most.  There has to be a silver lining here — right?

At 10:50 pm when I finally got a chance to check my email, I read that I had won a contest.  “WOW” I thought.  This really is the BEST DAY EVER.  Until I learned that the prize was to be the guest blogger for Smashing.  “What?!?!?”  I haven’t written creatively since high school, and even then I’m pretty sure someone else probably wrote the paper.  I would have rather gotten a trip to Hawaii or some far off destination so I can blow this lice infested pop stand and ditch my kids.

So Tenniswall…when Smashing hits it big, I want you to remember my best day ever and give me a real prize.

Good luck and I hope you have the BEST DAY EVER!!

Copyright 2010 Smashing LLC Copyright 2010

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  1. April 30, 2010 1:08 am

    dang sweet story man.

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