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Do I have Hypochondria that my kids are Hypochondriacs?

May 7, 2010


Good morning – Here in Chicago it’s a dark & stormy morning, just the kind of day that makes me want to crawl back into bed.  In fact, my 7th grade son has just crawled back into bed, having convinced me that he’s too sick to go to school this morning – although I’m not totally convinced! 

In fact, I think he was shocked I sent him back to bed so easily – my usual treatment it to give my kids a Tums and send them off to school.  My kids believe that Tums cure everything – as it’s my usual answer to most ailments that I’m not totally convinced exist!  Shh, but don’t tell them it’s not a miracle drug!  In fact, I shared this cure with my book club awhile back – now all of the neighbor kids are being cured with Tums.  The maker of Tums, GlaxoSmithKline, really should be paying me a royalty for a spike in their sales in the Barrington area!

I hope he doesn’t read this blog today, but I am now wondering if around 10am he’ll be feeling much better, right after the time his English test is due to be over.  But he’s a good kid and an honors student, and I’m not totally awake yet – so he got off easy this morning.  I’m usually much tougher – I must be slacking in my old age.  Two years ago, he complained about a sore ankle after football practice – I gave him a Tum along with some ice and sent him to bed (gave him Ibuprofen as well – I’m not totally barbaric!).  The next day he was still complaining – told him to be tough and wrapped it for his game that day.  He was tough and they played their game, ‘tho I recall he wasn’t having his best game. 

Next day, still ankle complaints – hmmm, he can’t fake it for this long, can he?  We were just getting ready for the first day of middle school the next day and our calender was pretty clear – so I’ll stop by the doctor.  We have been known to be cured by just being in the doctor’s office – must be something magical in their waiting room.  The doctor comes in with his x-ray and asks me, “What are the chances that his ankle is broken?”  Confidentially, my answer was  – “zero to 5%”.  Nope, he had a broken ankle and was in a cast for 6 weeks!  Who would have thought that you can play football with a broken ankle?  I guess he’s pretty tough afterall!  But I’ve never quite lived that down – anytime I’m being tough with him about not really being injured/sick, he does remind me of the ankle incident! 

Though, I haven’t completely lightened up – he’s been complaining about his elbow hurting for a couple of days now – my diagnosis is growing pains and of course that can be cured with Tums, right? 

Stay tuned and have a Smashing weekend!

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  1. May 7, 2010 8:45 am

    Oh thank god I’m not the only one! I’m always curing my kids’ aches with tums. Calcium deficiency can cause muscle pain – it’s not totally unfounded. 😀

  2. May 10, 2010 2:14 pm

    I hear that story and laugh in admiration at your son! I won’t bore you or the DCFS agents, who have now flagged the Smashing blog, with similar stories of my son playing football, basketball and baseball with broken bones – some known, some unknown. Pretty doggone funny, Buzzkill!

    • May 11, 2010 7:00 am

      Thanks….I do hope that the DCFS doesn’t monitor our blog – we could be in trouble! lol PS Thanks for your comments.

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