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Is this a trade show or a garage sale?

May 18, 2010

Oh we were SOOOO excited for the “big” trade show downtown in the merch mart.  We have been deciding all week is it work attire, business casual, ball gowns?  We didn’t need to worry, yet again, we could have worn sweatpants and would have been fine.

I was anticipating an entire wing of the mart dedicated to the show.  I actually was nervous that I only had 5 hours at the trade show before I needed to get back for the sitter.  Again, did not need to worry.  They could have hosted the show in my garage.

We were hoping to be able to buy some fabrics on the spot in some prints we were looking for.  We actually were a little late as Buzzkill needed to go back to get the corporate checkbook.  Again, did not need to worry.  The only thing we needed the checkbook for was lunch (which was fabulous by the way).

To add a little salt into our wound, a few of the reps that we actually talked to, were not what I’d call “engaged.”  To give you an example, when asking a rep about if he had any other zipper pulls, he replied, “I don’t know man,” in a tired, stressed out fashion. (note, there was no reason to be stressed out as there were only about 20 people at the garage sized trade show)  I’m sure he is making Wharton proud.

Now it wasn’t a total loss.  We did run into our old friend the Zipperman and was able to corner him about getting a few things we needed — zippers, button, stretch thread — so it did save us from a meeting this week.  But Zipperman also was a little distracted and must have attended the same happy hour the night before as the other reps.  While talking to him, he replied, “I have the perfect thing to show you.”  Then he ran across the booth to help another customer.  We asked ourselves, “Is he coming back? Or did he just want to show us his backside.”  I’ll let Buzzkill explain more about that on Friday — she called dibs — and we all know that dibs is legally binding!!!!!

So after a fabulous lunch we decided to head home, making a quick stop at one of our factories.  We were in luck as we were able to pick up some fabric from a bankrupt customer at a fraction of the cost.  This was great news since we can’t seem to afford the fabric we like at regular cost!!  Hopefully this fabric will work better in our sample.

The trade show was a bust, but I’m thinking we may still go next year.  I mean, it is a great excuse to go downtown for lunch!

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