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You Display the Wonderful Traits of Charm and Courtesy

May 21, 2010

My youngest son and I went out for a Chinese last night after his tennis lesson – my fortune was “You Display the Wonderful Traits of Charm & Courtesy” and I thought to myself, “How True”! 

Son #2 asked what did my fortune mean and so I went on to give some examples.  For example, when I was chatty and polite to our waitress, I pointed out that this was a good example.  When I wanted to take a picture of our favorite waitress with him and he hid under the table and then finally allowed it, but with only with the glaring stink-eye at me – that was NOT a good example of Charm & Courtesy. 

But I must confess that there has been a few instances where this trait has been lacking.  One instance is with a particular person that we’ll just refer to as Zippy. 

This particular person drives me crazy and sends my bullshit radar crazy, the others don’t seem to mind him, but maybe it takes a bullshitter to know one?!?  He has a habit of telling us that something he cannot source for us is either impossible to get or that we don’t know what we’re talking about & don’t need it, and how about buying some bias tape instead!     I’ve started taking his “that’s impossible to get” comments as a personal challenge.  I asked for a copy of a particular color card and was told that these were very rare and impossible to get.  A quick email to the supplier of this product and it was overnighted to me and in my hands the next day!  Aha!  (Seriously, how rare can color cards be?  Doesn’t the supplier want people to buy their product?)  There are a couple other items that we were recently told that were impossible to source – I’m on top of both and should have both in my hand by the end of next week.  So far the score is 3 to me, 0 to Zippy.  He’s also more expensive and slower than the other suppliers.  To top it off, he will walk away from us mid-sentence to go talk to a better prospect.  I find I need to make myself busy with other activities and let my partners deal with him. 

Why are we using this guy?  Because Ace & Spinner like this guy, or can at least tolerate him.  I’ll just sit here being charming and courteous with my secret stash of color cards, elastic & stretchy thread!

PS  I’m really hoping that this person won’t read the blog this morning & if he does, I’ve change their nickname – so I’m sure we’re safe!  But if he does read this blog, it’s not about you, it’s about the other guy!

The Stinkeye!



Have a Smashing Weekend!

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