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Oops! Venus did it again! (and we LOVE it)

May 24, 2010

Venus — oh, how I love you.  You yet again keep the tennis fashionistas on their toes.

Here is the racy outfit from the French Open on Sunday.

Bottoms Up

Photographers were getting as low as possible to get a pic up Venus’ dress, to see yet again her “flesh” toned shorts.

This is not the first time that Venus has displayed her backside.  At the Austrailian Open earlier this year, she had to clarify that she was in fact wearing underwear.

Venus, who has a fashion degree, is raising the bar on fashion within tennis .  And while some think she is only raising eyebrows, I like how she is raising some heart rates as well.

Oui, Oui Mademoiselle

Don’t you love the little French Maid bottom to the dress?  Only someone sporting Venus’ legs could pull this one off.  Fun. flirty and confident.

It is interesting that Venus’ game has been improving as well. Maybe her aggressive fashion choices are giving her some confidence on the court.

Like we have been preaching her at Smashing.  Fashion breeds confidence.  Dress well; you’ll play well.

Keep it up Venus — we look forward to the next round.

Smashing© and©, 2010

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