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We have a problem Houston

May 25, 2010

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails this past week with the phrase, “we have a problem,” in the opening sentence.  This is not good for my blood pressure.

It all started about 1 week ago when we had our first fitting.  We were so excited we brought cameras, etc.  Suffice to say, no pics were taken as we were not happy with the product.  The fabric was “too stretchy.”  I know that seems impossible, but it was, and it seemed to not “bounce back” (pun intended) like we would want.  So, looking for a new fabric.

Now to many that may seem like a big problem.  Not to us.  We have a great fabric rep and we sent him a competitve sample and said, “give us this.”  I’m sure we will have something by the end of next week.

But then there are all these little details:  stretchy thread, hard pull elastic, gauge zippers.  And all I keep hearing echoing in my head, is a former boss of mine saying “the devil is in the details.”  Well the devil and all his minnons are seeming to be involved in this process!

Since we are making athletic wear, we need stretchy thread.  It is a lot more expensive and a lot harder to get (of course).  When the rep asked which kind of stretchy thread (there is quite an assortment), our pattern maker starting talking about spoons.  I don’t know if she was picking out new silverware when I called, or if there is more lingo I don’t know.

Our pattern maker is also dead set on having “hard pull elastic.”  When an elastic rep asked us recently what she meant by that, I started to get nervous.  “I was hoping YOU knew what she meant, you are the one that sells elastic.”  But clearly, this elastic is very elusive and only a few reps in the country carry it.  Could this be a point of difference we could feature in our advertising?

And of course there are the zippers.  We’ve covered zippers a few times in this blog already; so I won’t bore you.  But again, we have not found the perfect zipper.

A note to all you aspiring designers.  Yes your fabrics are important.  But they are not going to be the hardest part.  It is going to be all these little details that sneak up on you and drive you crazy.  So pay attention to the details and start drinking Holy Water.

Smashing© and©, 2010

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  1. May 25, 2010 7:02 am

    Hopefully they are not too tired of hearing about zippers – another story might be brewing there!

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