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Life Lessons from Roger Federer!

June 4, 2010

Roger Federer Lost in Quarter Finals of French Open 2010 to Robin Soderling

A couple of days ago at the French Open, Soderling upsets the defending champion and world No. 1 player Roger Federer.   Federer’s streak of reaching at least the semifinals of a major ends at 23.  After making 23 straight Grand Slam semifinals, Federer is out of a major tournament in the quarterfinals. His streak of excellence was ended by the fifth-seeded Soderling, who beat the top-seeded Federer, 3-6, 6-3, 7-5, 6-4.  Graciously, Federer was able to joke about it afterward. “It was a great run,” he said. “Now I’ve got the quarterfinal streak going, I guess.”

Spinner and I were not as lucky – we played tennis yesterday against someone who should take lessons from Roger’s grace.  It’s a shame, because it tarnishes what could have been a lovely day.  This person is someone who I thought reminded me of Spinner, but I realize it was really her evil twin in disguise!  We were having a great morning of tennis and were all having fun.  I realize that it’s easier to win than lose, and win we did yesterday, 6-2, 6-3, 3-1.  (Note: You play for 2 hours regardless of the number of games/sets).   But we try to be equally gracious in our wins and our losses – we’ve had our share!

However, it’s this 3rd set that our opponents were trying to take points.  This particular league has some particular rules about the 3rd set.  Since we had won the first 2 sets and thus the match – the other team’s captain suggested that we didn’t need to play the 3rd set and could relax and watch the others.  Great idea – we thought.  But when she started to submit our scores, she was taking 1/2 point because we did not start the 3rd set.  

Fortunately, Spinner noticed and questioned her and she explained that we get to split the points since we didn’t start the 3rd set.  What?!?!  Spinner and I said – let’s get playing then, we have 15 minutes.   So we were playing and another rule is that you must beat your opponent by 2 games to get the full points for the 3rd set, otherwise we would split.  We were up 2-1 and at deuce of the 4th game when the 2 hours ran out – we all agreed that we should finish the game, including evil twin Spinner – but not happily, cursing under her breath. 

We won and thus up by 2 games, we won the set.  Evil twin Spinner spent the next 45 minutes bitching and trying to figure out how to make the last game not count and really just showed such poor sportsmanship.  Spinner almost weakened just to be done with the ordeal, but our team stuck behind her and said that we played the game, so we’re not giving it back!   I wasn’t going to let them take it back, especially after her cackle after her partner slammed a ball into my kneecap!  (I don’t even want to mention that when we played them last year, their coach told them to aim the ball in their opponents mouths!  BTW We beat them last year 2-1.)

It really boggles the mind – We’re not playing in the French Open and if Roger Federer can be gracious in a loss, certainly the women of a suburban tennis league can!  So let’s hope this ordeal is over with – I’m in it just for the lunch afterwards.

Have a Smashing weekend!

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  1. tennisdress permalink
    June 4, 2010 6:33 am

    Sorry your Opening Day was tarnished by this. What a shame!

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