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Snow Tennis vs Beach Tennis!

June 9, 2010

Snow Tennis

Ace is on vacation in Alaska, but we don’t want her tennis skills to get rusty, so I found some information about the Alaska Tennis Association and they have a tournament this coming Friday.  Doesn’t the photo above from a previous event looking enticing?

Not being a fan of snow and winter myself, I think I’ll pass and enjoy the sun while we can during the too short summers in Chicago.   I’m even thinking of trying my hand at Beach Tennis.  This is a growing sport and is being offered by our local tennis club – The South Barrington Club.  Played all over the beaches of California, Florida, & the Caribbean, Beach Tennis is a fast-paced, exciting combination of beach volleyball, tennis, and badminton rolled into one sport! The game is simple – no bumping, setting, or spiking skills are needed. Using paddles, you and your doubles partner must volley a tennis ball (one hit per side) back over the net to your opponents without letting the ball hit the sand!   Doesn’t this photo from a recent event in Chicago look more enticing than the first in Alaska?

For more information about Beach Tennis events on June 16th and July 17th at The South Barrington Club, check out or contact the club at

Have a Smashing Day!

Smashing© and©, 2010

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