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Hey Stupid! Buy This!

June 22, 2010

After this afternoon we should be well on our way to making our first sample as we have the new fabric, the elusive stretchy thread and the mind boggling hard pull elastic, so now it is time to work on hang tags.  And with Buzzkill passed out in a pub somewhere in London, I’m thinking we can get some REALLY cool 3D, motion sensored, music playing, purse grabbing hangtags.

Creating Great “Verbage”

As usual, due to budget restraints, marketing is given a 3″ by 3″ card to say about 3 pages worth of selling points.  And of course, we have to say NEW!  in large, neon type.  So after taking all this into consideration, I arrived at the following verbage

Hey Stupid! Buy This!

Now I have a feeling Buzzkill and Ace are going to fight me on this, so I developed a survey to see what our consumers really want.  Many of you will be asked to fill it out (it takes all of 2 seconds) and we’ll see if the line stands.

But those of us that have lived through thousands of focus groups, know the real objective– get a bunch of consumers to sit in a room and confirm managment’s latest theory.  Those that disagree, are often discarded as crack pots.

Hoping when I get the survey results we don’t have too many crackpots — those motion sensored hang tags are awesome!!

Smashing© and©, 2010

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