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I need to schedule time to schedule time

June 23, 2010

Why is it that finding the time to meet in person seems overwhelming? Doesn’t it sometimes just seem like a chore to find the space on your calendar to make the appointment, schedule the meeting or set up the consultation? I have found that sometimes just the procrastination alone or the time spent thinking about what you have to do actually takes less time than doing it.

Today, Spinner and I drove over to Glenview to meet with our Pattern Maker, which has been on our to do list for about 5 weeks. We finally had all of the materials needed for round 2 of samples. We got a date on the books and off we finally went this afternoon. It was a relatively short meeting only lasting 30 minutes, but we accomplished everything needed and walked away with a clear action plan for the next three weeks. I felt like this had been looming over our heads and BAM 30 minutes later we are back on track.

To top it off, we needed to find a zipper alternative to the one we had. The Pattern Maker’s office just happens to be next door to the Zipper folks who we had been dealing with via phone and email. We decided to make an unannounced visit. In three minutes, we were able to determine that we needed to switch to a coil zipper which is the most reliable in the zipper world and had samples shipped directly to our Pattern Maker.

So, in 45 minutes we were able to pound out about 10 solid issues that could have taken us a couple of weeks through phone tag, emails, waiting for shipments, etc. There is something to be said about doing things the way they used to be done, in person.

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  1. June 23, 2010 6:14 am

    Hey, I’m going on vacation more often – you guys get a lot done while I’m away!

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