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Check Box 1 for more M&Ms

June 27, 2010

Research is awesome.  Why?  Because I can sit back with my feet up eating a big bowl of M&Ms.  And all my clients and colleagues are nice and quiet hanging on the every word of our focus group attendees.  It’s nirvana.

Me? I’m not hanging on every word.  Why you ask?  Because people lie.  Let me give you an example.  We were holding focus groups for Hamburger Helper and the group we assembled were heavy users (this means they use the product at least 4 times a week).  They are all sitting in a room vehemently denying that they have ever even tasted Hamburger Helper much less fed it to their families.  It was hilarious.  Of course, our client was NOT laughing.  Our moderator finally broke them telling them that we KNOW they eat Hamburger Helper.  It turned into a therapy session.

I personally like the huge data surveys that our clients used to do where a report a few hundred pages would turn up on my desk.  I’d read the executive summary written by some hot-shot 25 yr old (which of course I was at the time too) and proceed to refute every point I didn’t like with her own data.  That’s the beauty of market research — for every data point that supports your claim, there is probably just as many that refute it.

Great products are launched by people who dream big and have conviction.  You are never going to please everyone — so don’t expect a 100% rating on any attribute.

So now that you know how I hold research in such high regard, I’d like to introduce Smashing’s first survey!  It is short (kinda like our cash flow) and only has 10 questions.  It is all anonymous and I promise to read through all the data while eating my M&Ms.

click on the link below.  Make sure to hit done when finished.  thanks

Tennis Survey

Smashing© and©, 2010

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