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Jaw Dropper

June 30, 2010


Even Serena has to battle with Mother Nature

Falling under the category “Oh No, She Diiiden’t” or perhaps “Get the **** out!”, I have heard or experienced a couple of tennis related stories lately that may leave your jaw on the floor. I thought tennis was supposed to be a bit more of a refined sport, but sometimes the ladies can be cut-throat and down right…. not nice.

This week, I played an indoor USTA match against another club. The visitors shall remain nameless. It was a doubles match and I was playing with our captain. All of the matches in this league are indoors. Our club has no air conditioning and no ventilation either. So, imagine playing tennis in a sauna on a day that is 90 degrees outside. I like to call it Hatha Tennis.

I thought the match was going well at first, nothing out of the ordinary. As the first set closed in, I had drank all of my water. The heat was excruciating and I felt I was dipping. Taking extra caution because I am six months pregnant, I asked my partner if I could run and grab a Gatorade before the next game. Within 32 seconds I was back on the court. However, while I was gone one of our opponents told my parter that I was not supposed to leave the court and technically we should forfeit the second set. Say WHAAAATTT!?!?

My partner stated the obvious that it was over 100 with the heat index and that I was pregnant. This “Lady”, as we will call her, didn’t care. Thankfully, my partner didn’t inform me of this conversation until after the match. Unfortunately, we ended split.

Discussing this after the match, another teammate told a tale of another player in the club this week. She was in a league where the rules state you have to wear 75% white clothing. In the middle of her match, “Mother Nature” came for a visit. She excused herself between sets to used the restroom. Not to get graphic, but she decided that she could no longer wear the white skirt. So, she ran to the pro shop to buy a new skirt, but there were no white ones available. She grabbed a light blue skirt and ran back to the court.

When she arrived, the opponent referenced the 75% rule and told her that she would have to forfeit the match due to her violation. Incensed, the player ran to the restroom scrubbed her white skirt and played the rest of the match in a wet, uncomfortable outfit. I do believe that she did win the match!

We would love to hear from any of you that have a tennis related Jaw Dropper story!

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