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Snooze Fest

July 1, 2010


View of Lake Erie from the Lakehouse

Right now, I am on vacation in Ohio at my parent’s lake house. Tonight, as my father and I sat in our Adirondack chairs admiring a beautiful sunset on Lake Erie, he asked how Smashing was coming along. I took a deep breath, happy that someone was showing interest in one of my endeavors, and began to give him the latest updates. 

I started to explain where we were in the process of launching our first line. Perhaps I got too involved in the details. I started to use my pants as an example of everything that would need to be done just to get these pants to a rack. The sourcing of the material, thread, zippers, buttons, elastic…. Dyeing the fabric or finding the right prints….. working with the illustrator, pattern maker, vendors and manufacturers….this was just the beginning! 

As I am talking, I glance over to find his eyes starting to close and his jaw relaxing open. This pretty much sums up how interesting all of the details are, but as they say “details are everything”. Yes, the big picture is much more exciting to talk about! 

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July! 

2010 Copyright Smashing LLC 2010 Copyright

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