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The Results Are In!! We are going the wrong way!!

July 12, 2010

Well according to research we are “going the wrong way,” however ,we in marketing like to say we are “taking the road less traveled.”

Tonight I am presenting the results of our survey to my business partners and they don’t know what a treat they are in for.  Besides the laser light show and the Rocky music playing in the background, I am going to knock them out (get it? knock them out) with the fact that there is such a HUGE untapped opportunity in this market that consumers don’t even know what they are missing.

The topline from our report says our consumers do not like to buy product offering x.  Product offering x is 80% of our line.  At first glance, this is discouraging.  But when you look at the reasons why they don’t buy product x, it is because of an “unflattering fit.”  JACKPOT!  Wait, did someone read our mission statement?  Did someone uncover our super secret fabric?  Could this be any clearer to our venture capitalists?

As I’ve said before, research is all about how you look at the data.  To me, we are meeting a large unmet need, to others they may see us driving off a cliff.

“I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference.”  Love that Frost.

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