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Let Sleeping (Tennis) Dogs Lie!

July 16, 2010

What to do with a day that I have a surplus of topics I could write about – doesn’t happen very often! 

We’re off to our pattern maker for version 2.0 of our samples this morning, then a road trip to a factory to pick up some fabric and then the always exhilarating button shopping downtown!  But I’ll graciously let Spinner fill you in on Monday.

Then there was our match yesterday, but whilst very fun to play with good friends – would rather forget on my end!   They were definitely the much better team yesterday, but in addition they were also the luckier team.  I still don’t know how the wind always worked in their favor but never ours – especially since we change sides every 2 games.  How does that happen?    I believe that they must have made a deal with the tennis gods, please tell me how I can do that – I need to meet these tennis gods. 

I had a choice yesterday before the match and I think I made the wrong one.  Recovering from a bit of bronchitis, I could either take some cough medicine that promises both drowsiness and dizziness, in addition to constipation and a host of other benefits!  Or, I could be alert and just cough all over the court sounding like a pack a day smoker – I chose the latter, figuring it would be a distraction.  I definitely made the wrong choice – sending the dizzy, sleeping me would have been better (or better yet a sub!)

Let me tell you why the sleeping me would have been better….I have a secret, but shhh don’t tell anyone – I play tennis in my sleep!  Have you ever had those dreams where you running and you wake up to find your legs going?  Well, I often wake myself up playing tennis with arms flailing, usually while serving!   I figure it has something to do with developing muscle memory during your sleep, because it couldn’t mean I’m going crazy, right?   So you’ve been warned – stay clear of me when I’m sleeping, or at least put me on a tennis court and see if I do any better asleep than awake!

Have a Smashing weekend and in the meantime enjoy this video!

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  1. tenniswall permalink
    July 16, 2010 7:30 am

    you are scaring me. You need to see your internist and your therapist

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