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What’s on First? No, what is on second, who is on first

July 19, 2010

We have had one of those weeks at Smashing where I felt like I was trapped in an Abbott and Costello skit.  All because we were calling different items in our line by a different name did we end up in mass confusion and almost total destruction.  Here’s how it happened….

Who’s On First

It all started with an innocent email from our pattern maker asking a question about our “swing dress”  which we were going to have a fitting on in 2 days.  She wanted to know which of our fabrics to use for the dress.  I explained we were using x fabric and y fabric in the pleats.

She emailed back, “there are no pleats in the swing dress, please advise.”  I contacted Ace to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and she confirmed, we absolutely have pleats.

I wrote back, “there are pleats, please see the attached photo.” I then included a photo of how the pleats were to lie with detailed descriptions on where to position.

The pattern maker writes back, “so both dresses will have the same pleats?”  Ok, now I’m thinking she is hitting the vodka (well, she IS Russian) because our other dress does not have pleats.

So I email back, “No.  Only this dress has the pleats.” And I then to proceed to go through each minute detail of the dress so we are all on the same page.  I hit send and feel like now we will be back on track.

Then my phone blinks, 1 email in Inbox.

I click it open, “What fabric is the belt?”

I write back, “THERE IS NO F***** BELT ON THIS DRESS!!! ”  But before I hit send, I delete and pick up the phone, because I’m starting to develop chest pains.  Should I call 911 or the pattern maker?

I call the pattern maker and find out we were each talking about different dresses.  So in actuality we were both right.  And we ARE all on the same page just I was on chapter 1 and she was on chapter 2.  All is well…..

What’s on Second

We go to our dress fitting and it was AWESOME — a grand slam to keep with the baseball metaphor.  So we felt like it was going to be a great day.  Then we went to pick up our fabric…

Ace and Buzzkill negotiated a fabulous deal on some fabric from a factory and went to pick it up.  We got a lot of fabric and it was all shrink wrapped when they arrived.  The tags clearly stated the names of the fabrics we bought.   So they loaded up the truck and brought the fabric to our storage facility.

When they got there, they wanted to double check how it would look with the other fabric.  It was then that they realized they had the wrong fabric in the truck.  UGHH.  Then an afternoon ensued of phone tag to the factory, phone calls to the bank (to stop payment on our check) and phone calls to me, as I was hysterically laughing (I mean we do have a pattern here this week).  It seems that once again we were calling the fabric we wanted one name, where the factory was calling it another.  And we were all calling each other all kinds of names after that!

I Don’t Know is on Third

So what did we learn this week?  Well, we learned to stop calling items in our line by “cutesy” names and start calling them by “descriptive” names.  We learned to cut open all shrink wrap to double check things before we put 500 pounds of fabric in trucks.  And we learned that one day we will be able to sit back, drink margaritas, and laugh our a** off at all the silly things that happened to us in year 1.

Salt please….

2010 Copyright Smashing LLC 2010 Copyright

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