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Officer Friendly

August 6, 2010

Phew – Yesterday was a busy day for us – a day chock full of meetings and of course none of them in the same town.  In fact, they could not have been further apart. 

We started our day talking with the label company in Lake Zurich.  Great meeting and actually some great money-saving ideas from to their rep – so she might be my new favorite person.  Tho, I’m not sure Ace & Spinner were buying into all of our money-saving ideas.  Spinner did volunteer to make our own price stickers on her pc to affix to our hang tags, but I wasn’t winning much support for the idea that we could iron on our own labels inside our clothes!  This sounds like fun for them, don’t you agree?

I did learn the answer to one of life’s mysteries there – when the label rep asked how much bigger we wanted a tag to be – I answer “A smidge, but not sure if that’s a real measurement!”  She did explain that a smidge equals exactly 2mm – Wow, it’s now official and now we all know! 

Then we were off to visit our fabric rep in his new offices in Geneva.  En route I see the flashing lights behind me, so I pull over to let the police pass – unfortunately, he followed me!  Oh no – I looked at Spinner, “ME?”.  She thought no, must be someone else – but here he comes to my door.  Asks for the usual licence & insurance card and then the question was all fear – “Do you know why I pulled you over?”.  I usually know, but this time I was dumbfounded – “No, Officer Friendly Sir, I honestly don’t know”, I reply in my most cooperative voice.  He claimed that I was doing 50 in a 35 and then went back to his car to do a criminal check on me. Spinner and I are convinced that this was impossible, so she suggested that I can ask to see the radar as proof.  So I did – His response was that he already cleared it and he’s not required to show it to me anyway!   I asked why me, when there were cars in front of me and behind me and I was travelling in traffic.  He disputed that as well.  Now if I was alone, I would have though I must have misremembered – but Spinner is my witness and we both couldn’t have misremembered, could we?  Should I fight it?

Then finally on the road again to Geneva to visit our fabric rep – loves this guy, we got a lot resolved and made some progress on fabrics for our second season.  By now we’re starving – so off to the yummy tapas restaurant I know in St Charles, really needed a sangria – still frazzled after that ticket.  But no – it’s not there anymore!  So a quick stop at the Olive Garden for salad and breadsticks before we hit the road again to Glenview.

We were picking up our final samples for 2 styles that we are enamoured with and first fitting of a couple other styles.  The last time we saw our other style at this stage – we were bowled over with how fantastic it looked.  This time we were….”Hmmm, it’s OK”  So we talked through some ideas in the fit, but left there still thinking we were missing something.  But don’t worry Smashing fans – we had an eureka moment after another couple hours of talking it through and a glass of wine.  So a phone call to our pattern-maker on our idea & she concurred – Spinner is in charge of our phone calls to her, she can really sell an idea & we were really hoping she wouldn’t charge us for this change.  Success!  It was a good thing we had told her earlier that we were naming one of our dresses after her!

So after 110 miles in the car yesterday, in the most inefficient route possible – we’re “resting” today – only 1 thing on each of our Smashing to do list today, but of course have all of the other non-Smashing things left to do that we avoided yesterday!

Have a Smashing weekend.

2010 Copyright Smashing LLC 2010 Copyright

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