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Does Elastic Girl know about stretchy ink?

August 9, 2010

I really wish Elastic girl would come over here and help us out.  I mean she knows all about stretchy fabrics, and I’m SURE she knew about stretchy thread, wonder if she knew about stretchy ink?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is such a thing as stretchy ink.  And apparently it is the answer to all of our problems here at Smashing.  Because we want to go tagless (wait, is that legal?), but we were concerned about how some labels crack and peel off.  I HATE THAT!  Well according to our rep, there are 2 reasons for that.  One, the company may not have used the right equipment (NO IRON BUZZKILL) or they did not use stretchy ink.  Wow, stretchy ink, that’s pretty cool.

I may need to look into getting some stretchy ink pens for Buzzkill.  Since she didn’t take “Math for Marketing Majors” in college, she needs to find other ways to “stretch” our dollar.

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