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Pro Bono or Pro Bozo

August 18, 2010

Pro Bono: Work done for the good of the public without compensation.

Pro Bozo: Work done for the good of fashion without compensation, yet.

This morning, my husband and I were on a joint conference call with our bank discussing an auto loan for a new car that we are planning on purchasing today. As we are answering a myriad of questions from the lovely, Janice, our Loan Representative, she asks a relatively simple question. “Now, Ace (ok, she didn’t call me Ace), are you employed or self-employed?”. I look across the study at my husband who is on his own handset with a look he could clearly decifer as “is it to our benefit to say I work or not?”.  I am thinking no, but he gives me the nod of yeah.

I respond, “self-employed”. She asks what type of business and I respond, “clothing/apparel”. She asks, how much money I made this year and I respond, ” (crickets chirping)”. My husband, flustered at either me or the waste of time the questioning has become interrupts and says, “you know, it has been a wash this year, so just put down that she doesn’t work”.

On paper, this may seem true. However, for the countless hours I’ve put in, money invested, life-threating factory visits, and time away from my kids (either physically or ignoring them as I am doing now writing this blog), it certainly doesn’t feel like I am “not working”. There has to be a value placed upon things like this, like pro bono work. Ok, am I really performing a good act for the public? Well, if the fashionistas on the tennis court count as the “public”, then yes I am!

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