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Bye, Bye Cabana Boy– Hello Mounted Moose Head

August 23, 2010

Re entry is rough.  Especially after two weeks away of doing nothing but sitting, eating and drinking (and lots of it!).

So when I got the message we were having an early Sunday morning meeting (8am to be exact) let’s just say they had to pry my hands from the seat back in the plane.  “No, I need one more margarita!  More chips!  CABANA BOY!!!”

Yes, back to reality.  But not all bad, we had a great meeting with our pattern maker, solidifying another 2 items in our line.  And miraculously, I was able to squeeze my 5 lb heavier butt into the samples (why did Ace have to get pregnant?!?!).

Not sure if my partners are all that ecstatic to have me back.  We have been talking about some items in our fall line, and I am a big believer in adding a touch of animal.  By that I mean, I would love to add an animal print belt, trim, etc to a simple dress.  I think it would look, well, Smashing.

Apparently, my partners aren’t in agreement.  They were in agreement, however, in sending me back on vacation until the planning for fall 2011 is done!

But that’s ok.  I’m in charge of locating a belt buckle for fall 2011.  If they won’t let me have an animal print, I’ll just get the whole, freaking animal.  Hello, Mounted Moose Head.

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  1. August 23, 2010 7:54 am

    Ahem….You know we’re not trusting you w/ our buckle! lol

  2. tenniswall permalink
    August 23, 2010 8:01 am

    alright, fine, I won’t get the moose head. How do you feel about lions?

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