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The Land of Misfit Skorts!

August 27, 2010

At Smashing we are discovering that you learn more by your mistakes than your successes.  We already have our first factory reject – a skirt!  Although, it’s a bit disheartening these 2 skirts are our only factory-made item at the moment!  So the factory made us 2 skirts as a test – both of them wrong in so many ways.

The first problem is that they used the wrong side of a woven fabric – it’s a subtle design difference, but one we thought should have been obvious.  Strike 1 – So we learned that you must be very specific and tell them clearly what side is up. 

The second problem is that I left them some elastic to use for the waist, assuming that they would read the instructions and cut the elastic to the proper length.  Strike 2 – a size medium with a skosh more room in the waist!  Second lesson – assume no reading of the instructions! 

But the third mistake really baffles the mind.  Warning:  Men, you might want to close your eyes for the rest of the blog!

Under this darker pink skort are white, sewn-in shorts – simple so far, or so we thought.  They were baffled on what fabric to use for the, ahem, “Triangle Crotch Panel” aka TCP in the shorts.  One might think that this would be an obvious choice – since we only provided them with white or pink fabric.  But perhaps if they were in doubt, a quick phone call to me would have answered their dilemma.  But they thought they’d make an executive decision and insert a pink triangle in the area between the legs of white tennis shorts! 

Hmmm?, mixed with a little Ewww!, I’m thinking, while the factory manager was proudly displaying their sample and the initiative she took with her decision-making – as if this would give them the edge in the factory competition.  So I queried, “Really, you thought a pink TCP would be preferable?”  Now I might understand if the manager was a man, but this was a women I was talking with, supported with all women seamstresses – so I suggested that perhaps women might not want a flash of pink between the legs of their white tennis shorts.  She honestly appeared baffled, or has the best poker face in town!

I took one of the misfits with me, as we needed a laundry test of the fabric and were going to try to ruin this one anyway – but left instructions to fix the other duplicate.   The next day, I received an email saying that they thought the pink between the legs was preferable and wanted to double-check my instructions – I told them I was definitely, positively sure that I wanted a white crotch panel!

So I took the skirt home and showed it around – it was a unanimous Ewww!    I tried it on hoping that it wouldn’t show, and after I got over the fact that my body fits perfectly in our factory reject size.  Discovered that indeed the pink is visible – which further bummed me out – since this skirt was a good fit, I figured I might as well wear it – sewn inside out or not – still cost us a fortune!  (Though Spinner thinks it might be a bad advertisement for me to wear our factory rejects, she might be right – but don’t tell her I agree!)

I was recently showing some friends our creations and the topic of the TCP took a whole new turn.  A friend wondered what that crotch pocket was for in her clothes and thought I would know.  Crotch pocket, who has a pocket right there?  Oh, she does and was wondering if it was for storing things.  Hmmm – This is getting weird.  Having never found a pocket there myself, I asked if perhaps she buys her clothes where the drug runners shop?  

This entire conversation then went further downhill and I’ll save the rest to your imagination.  But please imagine the conversation with hysterical, pee in your pants laughter – I only wished I had a Kleenex in my pocket to wipe my tears!

Have a Smashing weekend!

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