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What was I thinking?

September 3, 2010

TGIF – Although I’m not feeling very inspired this morning to write a blog.  Maybe it has something to do with the myriad of back-to-school events this week, including myself having to speak in front on 500 parents at my youngest son’s elementary school and countless complaining phone calls – I couldn’t do anything right this week! 

But I think that the real problem might be the noxious fumes of sweaty football gear that seems to decorate my house these days.  Half asleep this morning picking them off the floor to take them to the laundry room, I made the mistake of smelling  a very used football jersey – what was I thinking?  I admit to loving the smell of freshly washed laundry – they really should make a perfume with this scent – so it was a subconscious act.  I think a lot of moms love to smell things, at least I hope so….whenever I kiss my boys goodbye, I need to smell their head.  It must be pretty noticeable, since now they are older they complain, “Mom, Stop smelling me!”

I’m pretty sure that I killed a few brain cells this morning, and as the calendar is getting close to adding another year to my age, I need all of my remaining brain cells.    So I’m going to preserve the remaining thoughts I have and keep this entry short and get ready to face the day.  Just a few more chores first….I see that my sons left their cups (not the drinking kind) lying around – they cannot seem to understand that these are not decorative!  But before I do this chore – I will have to chant to myself – “Don’t smell these, don’t smell these, etc…”.

Have a Smashing Weekend.

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