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Schmutz and Nipple Hair

September 8, 2010

Did that catch your attention? I’ve noticed recently with our blog statistics that we generally get a higher “hit day” on provocative, shocking or sexy titles. What does this indicate about our readers? I am not sure, but since our goal is to attract the highest number of readers to our blog, I thought I would give this title a try on my blog today.

What does schmutz and nipple hair have to do with tennis clothing? Not a whole lot, but there is a connection. Yesterday, the three of us attempted to perform our own photo shoot. Again, don’t let your minds wander down a dirty path. Very wholesome considering it was mid afternoon and we also had a couple of toddlers running in and out of our shoot.

As a start-up, one of our biggest goals is to save money where we can. With our secret technology that will be revealed to the world in a few months, we wanted to capture an image to represent it. Before we spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on professional photography, we thought we at least had to attempt it ourselves first. We decided to meet at Buzzkill’s house after a tennis match she and Spinner had together. I was going to be the photographer with my camera and Buzzkill the model. I delicately pointed out to them that a photo shoot immediately following a tennis match may possibly affect the model’s uumm.. freshness. I was assured this wasn’t a problem and her confidence in her lack of post work-out greasiness made me a bit more comfortable.

Sure enough, Buzzkill still in her black sports bra, zipped up to her bathroom, brushed her hair, applied minimal coverup and a dark lipstick per Spinner’s and my direction. I posed her near a window for natural light and stood upon my stool for the best angle on anyone over  the age of 20. After pointing out some schmutz on her shirt and what appeared to be pet hair near her nipple, we moved into photo shoot mode. Lots of glitz and glam with “work it, work it, own it, own it….” going on…. not really.

Upon review of the couple dozen images we took, with every tenth shot being of one of the kids running in demanding their funny face be photographed, we were pleasantly surprised that several were really good. We honed in on a clear winner and with a bit of editing from Spinner, we were done and really impressed with ourselves. I so want to attach the photo to this blog, but fear I would get in trouble for unveiling our secret image before our launch. So, you will just have to wait a few more months.

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