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Closing the Sale on a Cocktail Napkin..and other mistakes from our first big client meeting

September 20, 2010

Murphy’s Law #110:   If you wait until 10pm the night before your big presentation, your printer will run out of ink

I sometimes forget that I live in suburbia.  And in suburbia, when the sun goes down, the town shuts down.  So when I waited until 10pm Friday night to print our presentation for a 9am Saturday meeting, I was slightly distraught when I realized we were out of ink.  I thought, “Not a problem.  There is a Staples down the street.”  Got there at 10:10pm and it is a miracle I was not arrested as I was banging on the doors hoping there was someone still there and would take pity on me to give me some toner.

Ok, plan A didn’t work, so I’ll call Ace and Buzzkill.  Neither are answering their phones.  What?!?!  Are they out drinking before our big presentation?  Why aren’t they at home studying their sections?  And more importantly, if they are out drinking, why didn’t they invite me?!?!

So I leave frantic messages on their home and cell phones, text them, start sending smoke signals, basically anything to let them know, they NEED TO PRINT OUT THE PRESENTATION FOR TOMORROW.  Of course, I told them not to worry, I’d bring the stapler.

MURPHY’S LAW #111:  No matter how hard you try to avoid it, you are going to have to show the client your fat

The things I do for a sale.

So our main product difference is the core compression.  Compression that will not only enhance your performance but also your shape.  And while we are fine upstanding citizens, the client still wants to see a before and after presentation.  Both Ace and Buzzkill look at me.  Great, I had beer and pizza the night before — this is going to be pretty.

So I put on Nike’s bubble dress, which is the most unflattering dress in the entire world.  And the comments were, “yeah, I see what you mean, you really can see the lumps.”  “It does create a muffin top; very unflattering.”  “Definitely need compression.” Anything else?!?  Want to comment on my love handles while you are at it?!

I then put on the Smashing line and of course they were like, “it is like a new person.  She looks so thin!”  Now, of course I’m happy that they could see how wonderful our product is, but not happy I’m the model they are abusing!

So I’m eating celery for the rest of the week..

Murphy’s Law #112:  When the Client is ready to give an order, you will not have an order form

Now in my defense, there is no chapter on designing an order form in my “Starting a Fashion Business 101.”  That is probably because ANY NUMBSKULL KNOWS THAT YOU NEED AN ORDER FORM TO COMPLETE THE SALE!

So at the end of the meeting, as our client is totally enamoured with us, and I say “so should I give you an order form now?” And they reply, “Yes that would be great.”  It was with great despair that I realized not only did we not bring an order form. we hadn’t even designed one.  “Would this cocktail napkin work?” Nice.

Oh well, luckily they realized our time and efforts were spent on making the product and not forms, so they were more than happy to wait until this week for us to drop one off.

But we are very happy  to announce that even with our first meeting snafus, we still made the sale and we will be available at Biltmore Country Club this spring.

Gotta run (literally, to work off this fat) and start prepping for the next meeting.  Let’s hope Buzzkill can be the model for that one.

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  1. Laurie permalink
    September 20, 2010 9:53 am

    You go Girls!! That’s great news. I’m so happy for all of you.

  2. Laura M. permalink
    September 21, 2010 9:21 pm


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