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Beaten up by Grannies in the Alley!

September 23, 2010

Before we get too far into trouble – let me just say that I love grannies, even had a few myself.  But let me say that tennis-playing grannies are something completely different. 

This is week 2 of Spinner and I playing in a higher league than this summer.  We won our first match last week, it was a hard-fought match, but a win is a win – so we figured we’d be OK in this tougher league.  In fact, we were optimistic as we checked out our opponents at they were unloaded from their van and they began the process of applying various braces, wraps and gloves.  (BTW – Who wears gloves playing tennis?)  And perhaps we were a bit ageist when we also commented that we can win by just making the white-haired grannies run.

What we didn’t learn until later that these grannies are working their way down the different leagues as they age – they are ex-A team players that have slowed a bit – but have 60-80 years playing experience between them.  We on the other hand are working our way up and this is our first fall travel season – a much more serious gambit.  Summer tennis is all about going to different country clubs and enjoying lunch after a bit of tennis.  Fall leagues are serious stuff – we were warned, but really had no idea.

But I digress, back to the grannies.  Now if we had executed our plan of making them run, we might have had a chance – but they ran us all over the court and all we could hope to do is hit it back anywhere and it always went right back to exactly where they were standing.  The grannies were not even sweating!  We tried several different adjustments in the first set – but couldn’t get into a groove and I must admit that having the grannies mop the floor with us was also a bit disconcerting. Tennis is a game of the mind, as much as it is skill.   So we lost the first set pretty badly – although went to duece on several of the games, but just couldn’t put the ball away on them.

OK – We must adjust for the second set, and in fact were having some success and now tied 4-4.  Then cranky granny now started getting chatty and commenting about our play in a very condescending manner and giving us pointers that we didn’t need – we knew what we were doing wrong, we certainly didn’t need the opponent reminding us!   Then cranky granny started yelling at someone at the next court for retrieving her ball during my service game, although I had given my teammate permission to do so.  But the clincher was when she yelled “wait” during Spinner’s second serve, but went on to argue that yelling “wait” was different from yelling “let”.  If there is a let during your service, e.g. a stray ball enters your court, you start the point over and take 2 serves.  Nope – they said yelling wait was different from a let and only allowed a second serve, we were very skeptical but didn’t want to get into an argument w/ them, so let it pass.  So what did they do – they called Spinner’s obvious ace out and they were up 5-4. 

As we were taking a quick water break before starting the next game, one of the grannies made sure to point out that they were both grandmothers.  But this was not done in a chatty sort of way, it was done in a “you’re getting your butts kicked by some grannies” sort off way!  Well, their mind trick worked and we lost the 2nd set and the match.

But to prolong the agony, this particular league still requires a 3rd set if there is time left in the 2 hours allotted.  OK – Time to regroup and save some face, but now they really started to gloat and yelled out to the other court of grannies on their team and yelled out “Grandmothers” and gave a long-distance air high-five!  It was now all over for us – seriously, grannies should not gloat!  Aren’t they supposed to set a good example for the rest of us?  These were not the cookie baking kind of grannies – We lost 0-6!

I’m sure we learned something today, although I’m not sure what it is.  I did learn not to prejudge the grannies – Our court 1 team was also beaten by another granny team.  Although they were beaten by the nice grannies, who continued to play with them afterwards and gave them some honest and helpful pointers and were generally very friendly. 

Why couldn’t we play with the helpful grannies?   I bet that they went right home to bake some cookies, while our grannies when home and yelled at the neighborhood kids for walking on their grass!

But I guess what we really took away from today is that we didn’t play for fun.  Spinner and I usually have a great time playing – win or lose, we still laugh.  Today we did not have fun and we’ll never let anyone take the fun out of our game again.  We have a lot more games to win or lose, but I want to make sure that we still have fun.

But TGIF and have a Smashing weekend! 

PS  Found their tennis team yearbook photo!


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  1. September 27, 2010 7:56 am

    Pretty funny, Jayne! Thanks for enabling my procrastination!!! Feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning after my first 2-day weekend in 6 months. (Was able to sneak away Saturday to see my son’s college football game in Indiana.) Anyway, the S! blog was just the ticket. I had forgotten how much I enjoy reading it. Sounds like you guys are doing great stuff. Keep it up!!!

    • September 27, 2010 8:32 am

      Thanks John…I’m usually enabling my own procrastination – glad to spread the wealth!


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