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Our Secret – New & Improved!

October 15, 2010

As we continue our marketing endeavours, we’ve been touting our secret fabric technology.  Marketing is alway looking for gimmicks (e.g. sending press releases in tennis cans, etc.) – but yesterday I think we may have found a useful add-on that has actual benefit beyond marketing – buy a tennis dress, receive a free antiperspirant.

Let me explain….I was speaking the quality control manager at the fabric mill yesterday about some test results on a particular color.  The mill we’ve chosen does some extensive testing on our custom colors, which in the past we’ve complained about due to the extra time it requires.  So I received these very technical notes on some concerns they are having on a particular color – which had some dubious results in both the perspiration and light tests.  (I do wonder how they conduct the perspiration test – do the lab assistants walk around the lab with fabric swatches under their arms? I must have missed hat part of the tour!)

 So not exactly sure what these test mean, I called the QC manager and asked for the non-scientest version of the test results.  She prefaces her explanation with, “As long as you’re not using this color for activewear, you should have no problem”.  This is supposed to be reassuring?  I explained to her that we’re creating fashions for tennis and golf, so I would expect an element of sweat.  (I’ve been told by Ace & Spinner that they do indeed sweat and even sometime smell!)  “Oh!”  she says – “your fabric rep probably should have mentioned that”.  Argh!!!  She does explain that there are things they can do to the fabric to improve the results – in my mind this means more money and time, both of which we have a limited supply.

Now do not be alarmed – all of our other colors passed these tests with flying colors – so go ahead and sweat!  But what about this color?  I have to be honest, this has never been my favorite color and I fought hard against having it in the first place.  But Ace & Spinner love it and assured me that others would as well.  Will others love it if you cannot sweat, nor wear it outside?  Forgot to mention that the light tests on this color were not exactly reassuring – seems it will self-destruct after 20 hours of sun exposure!

Now the process begins, can Ace & Spinner fall out of love with this color?  Will they believe that I have no ulterior motive talking them out of his color?  We have a lot of color options already approved that allows perspiration, sun exposure and even home laundering!  But what will I do with the 100 matching zippers we own, not to mention the miles of that infamous stretchy thread?  

So stay tuned….I think I’ve heard of a surgical procedure where your sweat glands are removed – I’ll need to google that! 

Have a Smashing weekend!

PS Don’t fear, we will do the right thing.  We’re committed to bringing you the highest quality possible – it’s just that having high standards creates some new hurdles along the way.  And those who are usual followers of our blog realize that we’ve never let a little exaggeration get in the way of a good story – we’ve got a lot of blarney between us! 

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  1. Tenniswall permalink
    October 15, 2010 9:24 am

    Just put a disclaimer that this outfit can only be worn in a dark room at temperatures no higher than 30 degrees. I really don’t c the problem


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