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Contortionist in Training

October 20, 2010

Long time, no blog.

Well, it has been a while since I have blogged to our Smashing fans. If you follow us, you may be aware that I have been on “maternity leave”. I am slowly creeping my way back to real life and that includes Smashing. Spinner and Buzzkill have been absolutely wonderful keeping the daily hurdles and stresses at a safe distance from me. I already was having milk supply issues, the added stress of deadlines and color tests probably wouldn’t help!

Somethings never change with a new baby; the complete lack of sleep, the missed window of opportunity for a shower or brushing your teeth (if it’s already noon, really what is the point?), and nursing around the clock putting a dairy cow to shame. However, with this baby, something wonderful has changed. My phone.

It is hard enough running a household with three kids, a husband and starting a new business not to mention the other dozen obligations we take on as mothers. What has made my life a bit easier is my beloved iPhone. Since 14 hours a day, I seem to be holding and or nursing a baby, my phone is small enough and easy to manage enough that I can check my voicemail, texts, emails and even browse the web with one hand literally tied behind my back….ok, well, my boob. My phone is portable enough that it goes with me around the house in my pocket, not like my computer, and I can check email in the middle of the night without waking anyone up.

One thing that I have had to develop in order to do this multitasking are my contortionists skills.  I have become very adept at holding a baby with one arm on my lap, crossing my legs, lifting my knee for proper placement, holding my ta-ta’s in place and then finally, using my thumb to scroll, type and send. I can clearly see why our opposable thumbs have set the primate race apart from all others. Although a  cheetah is one of the fastest animals on the planet, I’d like to seem them send a memo to marketing with one finger.

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  1. tenniswall permalink
    October 20, 2010 9:37 am

    I hope those memos to marketing are using the index finger and not the one next to it!!

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