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New website launched and other travails!

October 22, 2010


Ta da….It’s finally here!  After much discussion and many late nights – Smashing now has an initial version of our website at, but please don’t check it out right yet, I have to do some fine tuning

Just some minor details….Our logo is missing!  Our logo seems to be a bit cursed.  It does not want to join the website without either looking blurry, changing colors or distorting itself.  All of it’s smaller brethren are happily waiting for him in the wallpaper – but big brother argyle is just being stubborn! 

Also – you cannot buy anything online yet either! So just admire the pictures!  But don’t get too attached to a few of them….because we’ve got the wrong zipper on one dress and one shirt isn’t available in the color shown – already sold out of navy!  I think these unique pieces are going to be collectors items due to their one of a kind nature – so look for them on eBay soon!

We are also curse by the color pink….I wrote about our problems with pink in our blog last Friday.  There is also a misplaced pink color footer on the bottom of the page that just refuses to turn blue, after many hours staring at it – I realised that it’s pretty much the same color as our pink fabric.  So I’m keeping it there and hope everyone will think it’s intentional! 

So why don’t I just fix these items?  Well, in my rush to get to a meeting yesterday morning, I spilled an entire glass of water on my laptop.  Some advice…..You don’t want to spill anything liquid on your laptop – it’s not pretty.  As I rushed to unplug it and take the battery out before it shorted, I heard the faint sound of sizzling -“Oh, that cannot be good”, I thought!  Better get the hard drive out before it gets soaked, but can I find one of those tiny screwdrivers – of course not!  Looking all over the house – they’ve all gone missing, so now trying pocket knives and other various sharp objects to unscrew the hard drive cover.  Nada!  BTW Don’t try an exacto knife – might be scarred forever after that one.  So now my laptop is wet & now bloody!  Fortunately, my neighbor had several – but by now it’s been about 30 minutes! 

So a call to my local Geek Squad and they don’t open for another hour.  The wait is agony.  So I’m hanging out in the parking lot of the Best Buy and I notice that there are several others in their car just waiting – they all cannot be waiting with their laptops after their own bone-headed moves, can they?  I’m watching my watch and the door and I’m determined to be the first one in line…..9:58, 9:59, 10:00 and I’m off and so is everyone else out of their car and of course they’re all carrying used laptops.  Now I’m not a marathon runner, but I eye the competition and I think I can take them, especially the old guy that was parked in the handicapped spot.  What?  He’s not handicapped, he was just getting a head start!  Incensed that he would park there, I pick up my pace, but he still beats me through the door, but I have the advantage – I know the layout of this Best Buy and cut him off on the way to the Geek Squad counter….Success!  You really don’t know how happy I am to have beaten everyone else in the parking lot and to get my choice of geeks! 

I explain to my geek what I did and he gives me a pitiful look, but he’s seen it all before.  Confirms that my laptop is toast, but thankful I had removed the hard drive.  Sends me over to the laptop salesman and says he’ll investigate my hard drive while I shop.

I had been looking for a new laptop – but I really didn’t want to have to get one in a rush.  I like to comparison for at least a month first analysing the pros & cons and getting the best price, but I needed one today!  First I want one w/ a bigger screen (it stinks getting older and having to squint at everything printed) – so my choice narrows.  So Craig shows me the one on sale for $700 and the features….now this is better than my 4-year-old one, which was state of the art in its day, but I want to see the 2 others….Of course I want the all singing, all dancing one and while I’m at it, maybe need to upgrade my network, since there have been many router improvements in the last 2 years, etc.  I tell him it’s his lucky day and I’m going all in – all $2000!  They must love the shoppers that come right from the Geek Squad desk!

So a couple of lessons learned….No drinking by your laptop – that’s going to cut down on either my wine drinking or my laptop usage.  Make sure you always know where your tiny screwdriver is….in fact I was very jealous of my geek’s pocket knife version, with a choice of 6 different tiny screwdrivers.  If you do spill liquid, unplug & remove the battery as fast as you can, and remove the hard drive.  Finally, if you buy an external hard drive – you must actually take it out of the box for it to work….My new one has been sitting on my desk since June!

Have a Smashing weekend!

PS  Curently using my son’s laptop that for some reason has a sticky space bar, so there might besomejoinedwords!

2010 Copyright Smashing LLC 2010 Copyright

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  1. tenniswall permalink
    October 22, 2010 9:43 am

    hillarious Buzzkill, hillarious. I especially liked the race to the counter. Glad you beat out the handicapped guy

    • October 22, 2010 9:59 am

      He wasn’t happy about it….But listening to him explain his problem, glad I beat him as he had no clue. His geek was giving my geek an eyeroll behind his back and I felt pretty proud to be the smarter bone-head there!

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