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Our Own Rally to Restore Sanity!

October 29, 2010


Some of you may have heard about the The Daily Show’s Rally to Restore Sanity this Saturday in DC (12pm EST).  The “Rally to Restore Sanity” is looking for people who think shouting is annoying, counterproductive, and terrible for your throat, according to its official website. It is a rally for people who usually don’t have time to go to rallies, who actually have lives and families and jobs, but on this one day, might ask the sitter to stay a few extra hours so they can attend. (For Chicagoans, there is a satellite rally in Grant Park at 11am central time.)  However much I would love to attend either of these events, I’m too busy to attend as my son has a football playoff game tomorrow at 11:30 (Go Barrington!).

But you may be wondering how does this relate back to Smashing?  Is this just a cheap trick to piggy-back on this event and increase our search results?  Absolutely not!  (OK, maybe it did briefly cross my mind.)  But bear with me…..The three of us were out to lunch with some tennis friends this week and the question was asked about our arguments.

Spinner thought about this for a minute and honestly said that we don’t tend to argue.  Which is true, but there have been a few tense moments – but mostly due to the fact we “misunderstand” what the other person is talking about and often a result of not knowing the context the other person is speaking.  Recently, there seemed to be a big conversation about when to add online shopping to our website – although I wasn’t aware that this was going on!  I was asked when I would be adding this feature to the website and I said in 6 months and I guess the excitement began between Spinner and Ace.  To me this seemed like a no brainer, since we don’t have an inventory of clothes now and are doing a Spring 2011 line, that Spring 2011 would make sense to add a shopping cart.   (Of course, anyone willing to pay us now and take delivery in the spring – please contact us right now, I’ll even give you Spinner’s private cell phone number!)

Well it seems that Spinner used marketing math and thought that I meant 6 months after Spring 2011, which is the same as saying 0+6=12!  But I guess a couple days of angst went by before I was broached on the subject and we discovered that we were actually all in agreement.  Phew – but that marketing math has a tendency to get us into trouble.  For example, marketing seems to like saying we are charging wholesale clients “60% of our retail price” and I tend to say that we’re giving them a 40% discount.  Now we all know that this yields that same number – but there have been again some “discussion” about our wholesale prices, when in fact we were talking about the same number!  (Don’t even get me started on the time when we were splitting a bill 3 ways, but we all owed each other something from previous purchases – marketing math had me owing Spinner $75, but real math had her owing me $3!)

Our misunderstandings are not only over math, there have been many about our upcoming fashion show.  We are scurrying to complete the samples and there have been many challenges out of our control.  I’m confident that we will be ready and will have a successful show, but I’m always looking for contingency plans.  So earlier this week when I said that perhaps a bigger model might get away wearing our size Medium top (and by bigger, I mean a size 8 or a 6 w/ boobs!),  I though Spinner was going to faint.  She thought I meant, “There is no chance our sized small shirts will be done in time, so we will have to use this medium one that will look like crap on those skinny models!”  lol  Fortunately, we were face to face at that time and was able to resolve it quickly.  After managing multimillion dollar projects for years, I have a tendency to have several back-up plans that might never be needed.  It appears that marketing folks roll the dice and go all in – I think I will keep my tendency to have contingency plans stored quietly away in my brain, but I’m still bringing that medium top hoping for a model w/ a boob job!

Now I need to point out that I’ve certainly misunderstood reasonable things that Ace & Spinner said – but none come to mind, perhaps because it’s too cluttered with contingency plans that must now be kept locked away!

Have a Smashing Halloween!

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