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Scariest Costume of 2010 — The Entrepreneur

November 1, 2010

Of all the Halloween Costumes I saw this year — the scariest had to be the one of a teenager in ragged clothes pushing a shopping cart full of his belongings.  At first glance, I thought, “Oh, he’s a homeless person” (totally un-pc, but he IS a teenager, the moral compass is sometimes a little off).

So I asked him, “Why are you dressed as a homeless person?”

“I’m not a homeless person, I’m an entrepreneur.” he retorted

Funny.  Real funny kid.

But it did strike a chord.  Being an entrepreneur is many things.  It’s exciting.  It’s sexy.  It’s YOURS.  What it is not, is filled with riches and champagne (unless you can expense it under office supplies). My husband constantly tells people he is going to retire once Smashing launches because it is a gold mine.  I keep asking him where to dig.

So we are t-minus 2 weeks before our pre-launch at the fashion show, and the uncertainty starts to creep in.  “Is this idea really going to work?”  “Did we do enough testing?” “Did we pick the right pallet?”  “Is Buzzkill going to have a heart attack when she sees the accessory bill for the show?”

The launch is more than just a financial risk — it is an emotional one too.  We have put 1.5 years of our life into designing this concept and bringing it to life.  It is like sending your child off to school for the first time.  “I hope everyone likes him.”  We hope everyone loves Smashing too.

And more importantly, we hope they all bring their shovels.

2010 Copyright Smashing LLC 2010 Copyright
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