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Road Trip

November 4, 2010

When I hear “Road Trip” many different things come to mind. My first experience with road tripping was the “family road trip”. Of course, back then there were no movies, cell phones, ds’, or any of the other contraptions that make me want to shiver thinking about traveling without these days with my own family.  It was the back of a Chrysler that was bigger than a tank and hours of torturing and being tortured by my sister and the closest thing to entertainment were Mad Libs.

The Road Trip evolved as a college student to Spring Break excursions with lots of Mountain Dew, your favorite cassettes or mixed tapes made by a loved one, and big paper maps….it is hard to even remember using one of those.

This week, Road Tripping came up with Smashing.  Ok, business travel, but road tripping sounds so much more fun, doesn’t it? We may be requiring our first trips out of the great state of Illinois. One to Florida and another to New York. We all used to have to travel for work and as anyone knows, it is not as glamorous as it sounds. However, we do have to admit that after years of only traveling with your families, 36 hours away albeit at a convention or in a garment district does sound exciting. The prospect of getting in a meal at  a restaurant that doesn’t have a kid’s menu ain’t so bad either! The catch, since we don’t have a formal travel department formed yet at this great company, our expenses will have to be filed with Santa Claus this year.

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