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The Today Show? Maybe Tomorrow.

November 10, 2010

Everybody dreads Mondays, but not this week. Aside from my cleaning lady coming and my  babysitter giving me a sanity break on Monday afternoons, Smashing had its first interview this past Monday. Held in our corporate headquarters (read previous blog), a reporter and photographer came to do an interview about Smashing.

As with any interview, the key is preparation. Of course, we reviewed our answers to anticipated questions and assigned fielding questions appropriately to each of us. But the majority of our efforts included deciding what to wear, cleaning the headquarters and calling our friends to borrow dress forms and grids to display our line.

The interview and upcoming fashion show motivated me to actually go shopping for something to wear. My closet is filled with either maternity clothes or my skinny clothes, neither of which I fit into. What a waste to spend money on transitional clothing, but it did feel great to spend an afternoon shopping this past weekend. I just had to ignore the new size label in my dress and kept my head down when walking past Auntie Anne’s Pretzels.

We needed to work on our display of clothing for the interview. We called around to find dress forms or mannequins and soon the back of my car looked like an episode from Dexter. We also had a friend loan us a grid to hang clothing on and before you knew it, we had a respectable display for the interview.

When I arrived at our headquarters, aka Spinner’s beautiful home, I see Spinner in the corner sipping a her Perier directing Buzzkill where to clean. Buzzkill is feverishly scrubbing Spinner’s house and I have never seen is sparkle like this before. I am concerned with the pace at which Buzzkill is cleaning that she may break a sweat or her coif may lose some poufiness, neither is desirable for our photo shoot. I wonder how much she charges, maybe she can come over to my house next.

The interview went well and of course, our major concern, aside from making sure we hit all the points about Smashing that we wanted to, was how we will look in the photo. We will have to wait to see either this Thursday or Friday in the paper if our strategic posing or hiding behind the dress forms did anything to help. Stay tuned later this week to review the article. On our way to the Today Show!

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