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November 12, 2010
Alyssa Pazdan, left, of Barrington, Jayne Drew of South Barrington and Kelly Daugherty of Inverness show off their new Smashing line of clothes, which officially will be launched in February.

Photo by Daily Herald photographer Bob Chwedyk


Today was an exciting day for Smashing – please check out our long-awaited interview with The Daily Herald, posted on their website Thursday afternoon and hitting the newsstands Friday morning.  So anyone that sees the Cook and Lake Co. versions of the paper, please grab several as we’ll be having autograph signing session during the next couple weeks, or at least Spinner will – Ace and I will be holding her spare pens. 

Earlier this morning, a friend forwarded an email about Smashing’s special preview at their country club to order our clothes for their tennis team.   As I read this great review, I realized that something was amiss.  An excerpt from the email from their tennis coordinator:

“….this year we were approached by a local business woman (and tennis player at Biltmore and South Barrington), Kelly Daugherty who has created a revolutionary new line of tennis wear called SMASHING.  She was able to design unique pieces for our 2011 team uniforms…..”

I kept scrolling down, certainly Spinner must have mentioned her partners during her sales meeting, right?  Hmmm….No mention of us.    So when Spinner emailed Ace and I the above article, we were very excited.  First thing I scanned the article and then immediately posted it on Smashing’s and my own Facebook pages. 

Then went back to study the photos.  On Monday we  commented that the photographer took so many photos and we speculated that was so that he can choose the most flattering ones – well, if these are the most flattering ones, I hate to see the ones he deleted! 

But then I took some time to really read the interview in detail, which is when the following line jumped out at me, “For the last 18 months, Daugherty has worked with her friends from the travel team at the South Barrington Club on the venture, including Jayne Drew of South Barrington and Allysa Pazdan of Barrington.”  

What?   What’s with the  “…including Jayne…. and Allysa…” – as if we were just more of her helpful friends?  Although, they managed to spell my name correctly – sorry Ace.

We are all thankful about the great story and are looking forward to our first fashion show this Saturday – although I’m envisioning that the  emcee will  remark about the beautiful designs by that one local woman and ask her to take a bow.  Guess Ace and I will have to give Spinner some bunny ears during her 15 minutes of fame!

Have a Smashing weekend!

2010 Copyright Smashing LLC 2010 Copyright

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