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Girl fight 1 + Girl fight 2 + a step ladder = a memorable fashion show

November 15, 2010

What a weekend.

It was such a busy weekend, that it is a good thing this is a blog and not a radio cast, as I have no voice.  It is dangerous when the sales and marketing team has no voice — who knows what the finance and legal team will propose over our conference call this morning.  Will they be able to hear me beating the phone against the desk in opposition??

But I digress.  Let’s start with the fashion show, and then we can talk about my ulcer.

Girl Fight #1

Enter Saturday morning.  The three of us are up early and bustling around for our big day.  We arrive at the show early to meet with the stylist to go through our looks for the show.  Ace was working at the event and was busy setting up, but said to come get her when the stylist was ready.  Buzzkill and I are confident that there won’t be any problems and so give a non-committal “sure” as we stride into the back room with samples for our meeting.

We show the stylist our 3 looks for the show.  Her response, “No I don’t think so.  What else you got?”

Buzzkill and I look at each other in panic.  I discretely text Ace “RUN”

So we pull out every sample in size small we have.  The stylist picks out 3 looks.  Now while we like all of our items, we definitely have our favorites.  And there are the favorites of our clients.  These 3 looks were not the ones in either category.

In runs Ace, clearly out of breath from running in 3″ stilettos clear across the banquet hall (although she did make record time, I’m going to have to ask her secret later).  We show her the looks and she retorts, “I don’t think so.”


The stylist who has about 20+ years experience on the runway looks at us in confusion.  She explains that the looks she picked will look best up on the runway.

Ace looks at her in confusion.  She explains that we have a target market to hit and she explains how each of the looks we picked will represent the different age groups.

I was just confused.

So in an attempt to appease us, the stylist recommends a “run through” as we walk the hangers of clothes down the runway to see what looks best.

Guess what?  The stylist was right.

(However, Ace with her “ace” negotiating skills did get in one of our looks that we felt was essential.  And good thing, since that was one people loved best.)

Girl Fight #2

So after the morning rumble and our dresses were smoothed back down over our Spanx we got ready for lunch.

Now I should preface this by saying Buzzkill has been requesting a vegetarian meal for weeks.  However, for those of you that have been reading the blog know, the meal request was not the biggest priority this week.

So when “the mass-produced chicken” was placed before Buzzkill, all hell broke loose.

“Ace, I thought you were going to get me a vegetarian meal,” says Buzzkill

“Buzzkill I did order you a vegetarian meal.  I don’t know what happened,” Ace replies

I’m sitting next to Ace and start singing in a low voice “you’re in trouble. you’re in trouble.”

She hit me in the stomach, but I think she broke her hand against the iron clad Spanx I had on.  Bummer

Step Ladder

Now we can’t show you pics from the big day because no photos or video is allowed.  Only press is allowed to take photos.  Ahhh, the loop-hole.

Buzzkill writes for a local magazine.  So coming equipped with a hat, cigar and a press badge, we were able to set up  in the “press area.”  And by set up, I mean, put the  step ladder in between some of the tables for which Buzzkill to climb up.  Luckily all went well, and she didn’t face plant into the pumpkin mousse cake.

The fashion show was a HUGE hit.  We had a store come up to us and ask for a meeting to sell the line.  We had the producer of the show tell us how happy she was we were in the show because “the energy really increased once we hit the runway.” And of course, we were so lucky to have family and friends there supporting us.

Now it is Monday and back to reality.  No autographs to sign.  No pictures to pose for.  Just problems to solve.  Here’s to hoping my voice comes back so I can participate in girl fight #3.

2010 Copyright Smashing LLC 2010 Copyright


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