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Laughing It Up

November 17, 2010

If you have to bring your baby to a meeting, at least make sure she is properly dressed for it!

As I am heading off this morning for vacation (although, is flying as a solo parent with a seven week old baby, a 3-year-old and a 7-year-old really considered vacation?), I am reflecting on a great work week Smashing had over the past seven days. Not only did we have a spectacular fashion show, had a great article in the Herald, hosted a Smashing party for our friends on Saturday night, but we also had our tennis team sales start for a local country club yesterday. Throw in some major decisions regarding our sizing with our Pattern Maker, talk of the fall line, book our attendance at the PGA Conference and about a dozen other decision there is no wonder why all of us are pooped and feel runned down.

Yesterday, I took the first shift manning our sale at the country club. We will be there this week for the tennis team members to stop in to try on our clothes and order their uniforms. It started off with a quick sale, but then was pretty quiet. In retrospect, perhaps we shouldn’t have started on a day the club was closed, although I didn’t mind a quiet morning doing some work while my baby slept peacefully in her stroller.

To maximize our time, we had our weekly meeting at the club and Buzzkill brought us lunch. As we munched on our salads, we took the next two hours discussing Smashing and more importantly having a few good laughs. I guess over the past couple of weeks, we had been pretty stressed out making sure the samples were ready for the fashion show, prepping for our interview, having several sales meetings, etc. It seemed as though everything was happening all at once and we must have been more stressed out and serious than we usually are.

As I drove away from our meeting, I did feel a wave of relief come over me. We had just finished a really busy week and the endorphins from laughing left me with a “runner’s high” or in this case a “designer’s high”.

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  1. ranglebrandt permalink
    November 23, 2010 12:16 pm

    She is so adorable!

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