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Aren’t they Smashing?

November 19, 2010

Photo Courtesy of South Barrington Life

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 6 days since our big fashion show.  With all of the work and anticipation beforehand, it was over in a flash.  The models were beautiful and the clothes smashing and as we celebrated with our supporters that evening whilst being serenaded by the Barrington High School a capella group “Ten”, we slowly started coming back down to earth.

There was some sleeping and relaxing on Sunday, but then the harsh reality of Monday came and back to the details of starting a business.  First a meeting with our pattern maker to review some sizing decisions and then a trip to the sample maker to discuss zippers and waistbands – all important details, but not the excitement of the previous weekend.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we hung out in a country club locker room assisting their tennis team selection of their club uniform.  However, wished we knew that the club was closed on Tuesday, as we were wondering why it was so slow the first day.  But we conducted our weekly status meeting in the quiet of their locker room and munched on their M&M’s.   Planned our big road trip to Orlando for the PGA Merchandise Show in January.    We don’t have a booth this  year, but doing some recognizance for a booth for the 2012 show.  If anyone has been and know’s when/where the big cocktail parties are – please let me know!  We also tentatively planned our February trunk show – details to be provided closer to the date, but pencil in February 15 & 16th.

Thursday morning was a bunch of paperwork – still wondering why I have to file a monthly sales tax form to the state of Illinois, we haven’t sold anything yet and won’t until February.   I keep asking the bureaucrats in Springfield if they can just make a note in our file that we’re not selling anything until the spring and relieve me of this monthly chore until then.  They didn’t think that was a good idea – I have a lot of ideas on how they can save money in Springfield!

I did manage to squeeze in a tennis match today, and happy to say that after a long streak of losing, or just being thrilled with a tie – my tennis partner today and I won 3-0!  Definitely felt good and there always seems to be some good comedy to be found, especially watching the team next to me playing Betty White.  Still not sure how she managed to win and yet keep her hair so perfectly coiffed – she was pretty amazing! Of course the team has to come home and update our Facebook pages and/or comment on others comments – we’re hysterical with our comments – or at least we think so.

When I arrived home after this reprise from Smashing, noticed that there was 500 yards of additional fabric delivered while I was out – my 8th grader was thrilled to lug it all into the “warehouse”, while I inspected.    I’ve promoted him to Warehouse Manager, from his previous job title Shipping & Handling Associate – same salary.

So another week done, another week closer to our February Launch and getting a lot done without the distraction of a big event this weekend, but starting to feel a bit too quiet.  Does anyone want to cheer for our clothes this weekend and then drink some champagne with us afterwards?

Have a Smashing weekend!


BHS A Capella Group "Ten"

2010 Copyright Smashing LLC 2010 Copyright

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