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Smashing’s Black Friday Ad is Leaked!!

November 22, 2010
We all love a bargain.  Which is why I will wake myself out of my pumpkin pie induced coma at 3am on Friday morning to join the other 1,000 crazed, slipper laden, no make up, pajama touting women to kick off Black Friday 2010.
Now I KNOW that I can get similar deals online.  I KNOW that some of the deals aren’t as good as they seem (ie, inflated suggested retail prices).  And I KNOW 3am is freakin’ early. But somehow I  can’t fight the pull to my annual ritual.  I relate it to trying to lose these last 10 lbs.  I know the carrots are a better choice, but the ice cream looks like much more fun.
Those of you that have never experienced a Black Friday, really have no right to judge.  (this i relate to men making comments during pregnancy “no uterus, no opinion”).  If you have not experienced the diving for the last Barbie, the 50 yard dash to the last iPod or the sweep of a leg to get that Zhu Zhu pet, you really have not experienced what makes this day so great.  The victory when you get the coveted prize and the agony of defeat when you arrived just minutes too late.  It’s simply magical.
And of course the lunch with girlfriends after is pretty cool too.
So those of you wondering what Smashing’s deals for Black Friday are — below is the ad that was leaked.  Buzzkill and Ace are manning the store as I’ll be out doing the 50 yard dash.
click on the link above to see the leaked ad.  I’m pretty sure someone is going to lose their job after leaking this!!
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  1. Laurie permalink
    November 22, 2010 2:58 pm

    Now that was too funny!

  2. ranglebrandt permalink
    November 23, 2010 12:21 pm

    cute…and I noticed in one article about your sale at the country club you were eating “salads” that were brought to you by a co-worker then in another it was M&M’s!! Sounds like a wonderful lunch to me! Hope you get your deals and no elbow fights!

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